LONDON. /TASS/. the Opinion of a number of Western politicians that the world can be managed from Washington, wrongly. This in shown on Friday broadcast bi-Bi-si interview said the Director of the foreign intelligence Service of Russia, Chairman of the Russian historical society Sergei Naryshkin.

“some politicians in the West are unjustified notion that the world can be managed from a single center, which is called Washington, — Naryshkin said. In my opinion, the most important lesson of the past is that the attempt of any country to single-handedly control the world will undoubtedly lead to collapse.”

He recalled the lessons of the Second world war and drew attention to the efforts made to distort ideas about the wartime events.

“Many young people in the West and in Eastern Europe believe that the US single-handedly defeated Hitler, freed Europe. Such ignorance is no accident. It is necessary to create the impression that all the good in the past and present connected with one country — the United States of America,” explained the Director of the SVR.

the White house may 8, published in Instagram a video of laying US President Donald trump a wreath at the world war II Memorial, accompanied by the text: “may 8, 1945, the United States and Britain have won the victory over Nazism. The American spirit will always win.” The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in the comments expressed outrage at the US attempts to belittle the Soviet role in defeating Nazi Germany.