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The last week has paid for in Seljord had a special mission among many others.

Day Harald Undheim will broadcast the death news without being hands-on. He solves it by traveling to the address in question, and call from the car.

– In the homes it is not possible to get into because of the infection, ask I happy to they come out so they at least can see me, ” says Undheim.

Then he must deliver the death message at a distance.

– the working day my has changed quite radically. Quite dramatically, ” he says.

HARD WORK: Sokneprest Day Harald Undheim.

Photo: Jon Svartdal Thea (14) was baptized in front of 300 empty seats Near is taken away

When to tell relatives that someone has died, there are mainly two things to do. The first is to tell what has happened. The second is to show that we care, ” says psychologist and professor Atle Dyregrov.

– Information if you manage to give just as well from a distance or over the phone. But near is taken away. Omsorgskvaliteten will be gone, says Dyregrov.

PSYCHOLOGIST: Atle Dyregrov.

Photo: Dag Harald Kvammen Andersen / NRK

He is a specialist in clinical psychology and has written a number of books.

It may help to tell why this is so. For example: “unfortunately I can’t take you now”.

No one did klemma or salute each other during the funeral Difficult with funerals

because of the new smittereglene, it may not be more than 50 pieces in a funeral. There is something sokneprest Undheim think is especially difficult.

– It is quite sad that we cannot accept all who wish to be present at a funeral.

It is problematic both for the family and those who are excluded, that any should be denied to say goodbye.

– It creates huge problems for families. They do not get the support they need and they need to say to someone that they are not allowed to come, ” says Dyregrov.

A funeral is to make it real. Especially by sudden deaths. So it is terrible that one does not get to say goodbye.

He recommends that relatives in such a situation by using the digital channels. By sending an e-mail or by writing on Facebook, one can explain the situation. Dyregrov also believe that it is possible to have a memorial at a later date.

– It will make it easier for the environment to take contact, ” says the professor.

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