Murashko the pandemic may raise the question of the modernization of health care of Russia

MOSCOW, 19 April. /TASS/. the Situation with coronavirus to date allows you to put the question of modernization of the Russian health care system to counter these challenges. This was announced by the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko during a video conference of Ministers of health of member countries “the Big twenty” (G20), devoted to the influence of the coronavirus in the global health sector and society.

“We constantly study the experience of other countries in relation to anti-coronavirus, much used in his practice. The situation with the pandemic today allows us to consider including on the modernization of the health system to counter such challenges,” he said.

Murashko also reminded that the country has taken all organizational measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and also thanked the world health organization, other countries who shared their experiences in dealing with the coronavirus.

“In January, was developed and approved the national response plan, which provides for broad action plan for implementation at the national level, was created by a government coordinating Council . We developed a special mechanism to accelerate the adoption of the state acts. Key elements of combating the pandemic in Russia is an integrated national health system with a powerful epidemiological monitoring and laboratory capacity. Our healthcare system has a strong stationary part and a system of measures aimed at prevention,” concluded the Minister.

In Russia, according to the Federal operative headquarters of the anti-coronavirus, was 42 853 cases of infection, recovered 3 291 people died in 361. The government has launched a resource stopmanager.Russia to inform about the situation in the country.