MOSCOW, may 18. /TASS/. Russia plans to begin clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus in a month, said Monday Minister of health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko, acting at the 73rd session of the world health Assembly.

“made In Russia test system them today, more than 20. Developed medicines full cycle, which is already available for clinical practice. Intensive work has been done on vaccines for immunization of the disease, a month is planned to begin clinical study”, — quotes its words press service Ministry of health.

in addition, to assist patients with COVID-19 efficiently carried out the retraining of more than 1.4 million professionals and has deployed more than 130 thousand specialized medical beds, including intensive care protection.

“Implemented by the Russian Federation a complex of measures allowed to prevent the explosive spread of COVID-19 in the country. The taken measures allowed to achieve one of the lowest fatality rates,” — said the Minister.

“Russia supports the strengthening of the world health organization (who) as the leader of the international cooperation in the field of healthcare. Note its critical role in the coordination of multilateral efforts to combat COVID-19. With the aim of promoting who we were allocated financial and technical resources supported by the initiative projects of the organization. Russian experts have participated in country missions who on the outbreak of coronavirus. In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that only joint efforts we will be able to defeat the infection,” concluded ant.

In Russia, according to the Federal operative headquarters of the anti-coronavirus, was 290 678 cases of infection, recovered 70 209 people died 2 722.