A mother tried to get her daughter out of a supposedly violent relationship before the daughter broke off contact.

the Mother of a now deceased woman had plans to help his daughter get out of an abusive relationship.

It tells the mother, when she on Friday, witnesses by the Court in Roskilde.

the Daughter of the dead 2. October 2018, as a result of her husband’s long-standing violence, believes the prosecution.

the Man, who is a pakistani citizen, refuses guilty to the charges of killing of his former wife, and the violence against the couple’s children.

the Woman met according to his mother’s explanation of the man in 2001. In the beginning of their relationship they lived all at the home of the woman’s mother, she says in court.

– to begin with it went very well, but then she began (her daughter red.) to come out with a smashed eye.

– When the number of times I walked into the room, there was also blood on the bed, she explains.

But when the now deceased woman becomes pregnant the same year, demanding she help from his mother’s side to get out of the relationship, as she “did not want to be in it more,” says the mother.

The two will find that his daughter should be admitted to hospital with suicide attempts in the national hospital.

the Daughter therefore becomes udpumpet after having taken a quantity of Panodiler.

During my stay, takes the mother on a short trip home, but when she comes back, the man appeared at the hospital

– the Race is run, says the mother.

Shortly after the move his daughter over to the husband’s family, and they receive their first child together. The contact to the mother is also being interrupted, she says.

Why has the mother not known what is going on in the couple’s home in the 16 years they were together, she says.

the Pair were later two more children. The children were, respectively, four, fifteen and sixteen years of age, when their mother died in October 2018.

During Friday’s hearing was the police videoafhøring of the couple’s youngest child played.

The now six-year-old boy told during the questioning that his father had beaten him several times.

– The first time he beat me, I was three years old, he says.

Even wasted the child water at the danger, why he was smitten on the cheek.

So did his hand like this, he says in the video, while he gives himself a pat cheek.

the Case is scheduled to continue in the coming week. The verdict is expected on 28.april.