the Morning bell rang deeply troubled about women: “Son is looking for work, I saw that the job site is full of proposals on the recruitment on contract service of Riflemen and grenadiers. Why so many of them? Really, after quarantine with someone planning to fight?”.

this unexpected assumption was puzzled. But if people really thought that the air smelled of gunpowder, the task of “MK” – all to find out. On the channels we got in touch with those who knows, is increased in connection with the coronavirus interest to the service contract, and why during the outbreak the army was so the right arrow and grenade?

the woman on the phone was right: the social networks, sites for posting job openings and indeed there were quite a lot of suggestions about how to negotiate a contract for service as the arrow-thrower’s assistant with a salary of 33-35 thousand rubles and other benefits, until their own homes.

Familiar military, who previously worked with the contractors (they asked not to refer to them), explained that for panic, no reason. No war for the exit from quarantine is not presidida. Just in connection with the withdrawal, the mobile points of the set to contract service had to go to the Internet.

Specifically, these offices work in a usual regular mode. “The military did not get sick. Not a virus not picking up, said our interlocutors. – But business not only in the military. They depend on the heap of civil society organizations, most of which now moved to the “udalenka”.

it turns out: calling military instructor your potential candidate contractor, is interested in at what stage of processing its documents? And the response: “do You not watch TV? The clinic will begin accepting, will go to be tested. Open the MFC (multifunctional center of public services. – “MK”), will receive the necessary documents.”

And yet everything depends on the mode of isolation, the military has deployed mobile and Internet points of recruitment on contract service in the army. They say: and what if no one candidate can personally come to us without violating the ban on movement? So while all the talk about wanting to serve, being on the phone.

-In that case why – ask question to his friend the retiree – army now turned out to need only the arrow-helpers of the bomber? Why, for example, nurses, snipers or drivers?

-Yes, there is not in the title. It’s just a primary position which does not require special knowledge and skills. It required a soldier’s primary position. Sergeants are mostly all busy. But this is okay too: serve, challenge yourself, then go into growth. In General, in the army, different positions there. If a person wants to be an astronaut, and such vacancy is available, it and be sent into space.

you should have said immediately that we need not only hands-grenade throwers, and all: tankers, cooks, medics, drivers, astronauts…

-Shooter assistant Grenadier – the post nominal that a person is interested in, called, and then it will specifically work. But maybe you’re right… the Effect of the performer there…

by the Way, the military acknowledged that a large influx of willing, due to their activity on the Internet, they have not yet celebrated. But that is clearly noted, so it is the surge in the number of calls from mothers who, after sitting with their overage children in isolation, began to ask to take them for service in the army.

Such calls very much, – not without irony, says our source. – Remember, ten years ago, mainly hid their children from the army? Now I beg you: take it! But the service contract requires that a significant motivation was the youngest person and not just his mother. But this is not always the case. Here’s the recent calls one mom and asks to take on the contract of her 16-year-old son. Explain to her: you and he early to think about it. By law only two years later comes his right to serve. And she keeps telling her: “Take, he’s 16 !”. So your friend is preparing for war in online advertising saw the panic raised. No, it is clear that it is neither a Church nor a doctor just not go down. Aggravation. Hard. Spring.