Mother Olga Buzova Irina, who works as a Deputy chief doctor of the dental clinic in St. Petersburg, told how to work during a pandemic. Patients take, according to the instructions of the government of the Russian Federation.

“only Accept people with acute pain. Before that, they measure the temperature of the treated hand. Also be given to all Shoe covers, gloves — only after that one can go to the office of the doctor,” he told Buzova “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

According to her, many patients have to refuse, as it is not an emergency. Also the doctor said that psychologically began to work harder because of the expectation of bad news.

Earlier it was reported that during a pandemic dental care will be provided only for acute pain. Make an appointment in advance, so as not to create a queue to a specialist.

The Russian government has increased the list of sectors of the economy most affected by the pandemic coronavirus. It also includes dentistry, cinemas, transport, household services, hotel and tourism, reports “national news service”.