Moscow is technically ready to enter the smart control mode isolation

let me Remind you, recently the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin said that currently in the capital there is no need of introducing a permit regime around the city. “Most of the residents of the city are faithfully fulfilling the requirement to stay at home. Muscovites showed responsible citizenship and solidarity in the fight against coronavirus, against a total disaster,” – said the mayor. However, in the case of unfavourable development of the epidemiological situation or increase in the number of violations of the home mode the city is ready to launch a system of monitoring compliance with the rules of self-isolation. She may have after the signing of a normative act of the government of Moscow.

Photo: Russia 24/ Sobyanin told about the rules of movement of vehicles in the capital

In the case that such a legal act is signed, residents will have to get a specialized code to confirm your to move around the city. To move, you will still both on foot and by public transport or private car – it is sufficient to notify the city about their plans and to be in possession of the code. And to walk your pet close to home or take the garbage to the nearest container site, no notification is generally not required.

the Minister of Moscow Government, head of Department of information technology Eduard Lysenko says: “the Introduction of this system will preserve the ability of the target movements in the city: residents will still be able to go to work, to go to the store, pharmacy or medical facility, including, if necessary in another area. Control is necessary in order to identify cases of gross violations of isolation, when a person without the need oodita from home and poses a risk of infection with the coronavirus not only yourself and your loved ones, but also other citizens”.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG Moscow earned the app to monitor patients COVID-19

Get the code online through your personal Cabinet on the portal mos. EN. In this case, it will be a combination of letters and numbers that can be saved on the phone, get on e-mail or print.

In the Department of information technology noted that the infrastructure of the portal ready to peak loads and the code will be able to receive all who need it. Residents, who have no opportunity to use the resources will be able to get it via the phone.

the Procedure for issuing, using and checking the special code also needs to be enshrined in a legal act. It is assumed that for getting around the city without a code will provide penalties.