The US is trying to put pressure on the international criminal court of using sanctions to cover up the crimes of the U.S. military, said the Russian foreign Ministry.

“the US, by contrast, is clearly trying to influence the Court, in order to prevent the prosecution of American soldiers in the framework of the “Afghan dossier.” And the sanction decision is just one of the evidence for this”, – said in a statement on the Ministry website.

It is noted that Washington calls for “fighting impunity”, only when this struggle does not affect the United States and “may be used to exert pressure on the government of a particular country and interference in internal Affairs.”

“a Very significant manifestation of the policy of double standards. And a good illustration is actively promoted by the Americans and their allies, the concept of “world order based on rules,” where the United States apparently will have the privilege to determine what rules should live the rest of the world,” said the Minister.

Also stresses that attempts to blame Russia for the fact that she allegedly used the ICC to their advantage, groundless.

“the Russian Federation not only manipulates the International criminal court, but in principle does not cooperate with him, does not exercise its financing, does not accept participation in its working structures and do not support him any contacts,” – said the Minister.

Previously, the EU demanded that the US change position on the ICC.

The head of the White house Donald trump had previously signed a decree that allowed us to impose sanctions against members of the ICC, directly involved in the “investigation or prosecution of U.S. troops without the consent of the United States.”

The ICC expressed “deep disappointment” in connection with the decision of trump, and in Berlin expressed extreme concern about the plans of Washington.

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