Moscow business helps the doctors and volunteers during a pandemic

We saw in a Moscow restaurant every day for free prepare 100 Lunches and dinners for doctors hospital. Yudin, who help patients with coronavirus.

You Manila or pecan?

the restaurant “Tanuki” on the street General Belova is one of the nearly 60 institutions of the network in Moscow. They are all now closed to visitors, and 37 restaurants continue to operate on delivery – couriers deliver freshly prepared food throughout the city. Operating officer of the company Andrei Borovsky said that the momentum since the beginning of the epidemic fell by more than half, and the network had to quickly rebuild shipping – the couriers retrained even the waiters, as in the halls they serve no one.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG phone 112 in Moscow, with questions about COVID-19 called more than 3 thousand times

the restaurant Belova also looks closed, but in fact in its depths are hard at work in the kitchen the chefs prepare the orders. Outsiders were not allowed, the staff at the entrance measure temperature, bacteria and viruses are fighting a germicidal lamp them after the start of the pandemic has placed more than usual. Twice a day at a local kitchen to prepare large orders of 50 servings each – they are designed for doctors located near the city clinical hospital named. S. S. Yudin. The doctors there have to deal with new, poorly understood disease, constantly putting themselves at risk. Hot lunch in such a situation very helpful.

Andrei Borovsky recalls that the company have already participated in charity projects, and now decided to send free food in two clinics in addition to hospitals Yudina couriers ride even in the new hospital in Kommunarka. “In Kommunarka we bring dinner for the night shift to 23.00 is the wishes of the hospital, – says Borowski. – And in GKB them. Yudina couriers go every day 12.00 and 17.00”.

By the time we arrived to the restaurant on Generala Belova was just finished 50 sets of food each salmon soup and veggies, Caesar salad and rice with chicken. For dinner a main dish add more drinks and desserts – doctors treat Manila sweet rolls with pineapple and kiwi fruit, cakes with pecans and other sweets. The selection changes daily.

Photo: iStock Moscow imposed a moratorium on business inspections

Twice a day for couriers in three cars bring food to the hospital, where you leave it in the catering Department in the restaurant admit that their cuisine has repeatedly received high marks from doctors and nurses. Couriers say that they brought food for the doctors happy, although every day process dozens of orders – their profession today has become particularly popular. “It happens that people because of self-isolation for the first time decided to order food delivery – us in these cases meet the threshold of a family, – says one of the couriers. – Sometimes, on the contrary, I ask you to make contactless delivery – then we’ll just leave the order at the door, call and leave.”

give the gift of pie volunteer

Not remain on the sidelines and other entrepreneurs. For example, in March a relative of the founder of the project “Desiny pies” Daria Soncini transferred her 5 thousand rubles, and asked for the money to prepare and take food for the doctors and volunteers of the hospital in Kommunarka. Daria wrote this post in social networks and launched, as she says, “a chain reaction of kindness” – people began to transfer money to them prepared food for doctors. The account is already in the hundreds of thousands of rubles.

Fofact: Sergey Kuksin/ RG bike rental in Moscow will be free for participants and volunteers

In a Moscow coffee shop Rockets CoffeeRoasters Moscow is also help doctors in Kommunarka – staff learned that doctors do not have enough coffee, and launched the campaign. Now anyone on the website of the store can buy a pack of coffee for the doctors company once a week, collects all the orders, puts them water, milk and disposable tableware and takes it all in Kommunarka.

Helps those who help others, and big business. For example, “Yandex” has launched the project “Help is here” he called to arrange transportation of doctors, delivery of medicines, food and necessities. The company allocated 250 million rubles, and also arranged with a partner taxi companies about forming a separate fleet.

Statesnow for work

More than 250 manufacturing enterprises of Moscow from April 6, resumed production. For this to work out only those employees without whom it is impossible to maintain the production. “Even partial restoration of their activities will help to reduce the damage to the economy from the effects of a pandemic”, – said the Deputy mayor of Moscow Vladimir Yefimov.