In Spain, on a 24-hour period of time again, of 812 people, with the new corona virus has died. The health department announced Monday. The pulmonary disease in Spain have been 7.340 people’s lives.

The new mortality rates will be lower than Sunday’s listed “daily record”. Then, there were 838 new death. In the region of Madrid, it remains the most heavily affected, accounting for almost half of this number deaths in the country.There are nearly 17,000 people have been healed, what is growing there.
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There are some in Spain and, again, 6.398, additional confirmed cases of infection identified. The authorities in the South of the country to say that, now more than 85.195 people, it has been found that they are infected with the virus.This has Spanjevoor for the first time, a higher number of coronabesmettingen more so than in China.There are, according to official figures, more than 82.152 of the infections have come to light. With 143.025, the US has the highest number of infections, followed by France (97.689), and now in Spain.

as regards human work in Italy and the biggest hit with 10.779 death. Spain was already in China in terms of the number of dead is over, and with 7.340 kill it in place, two in China (Hubei) holds with a 3.186 a large part of the third and fourth place.