From Friday to Saturday is more than 4600 people from france have been tested positive for the coronavirus.

319 French people have in the course of the past day died while they were infected with the coronavirus.

This brings the total number of dead with coronasmitte in France up to 2314 people. This was stated by the French health authorities Saturday, according to Reuters.

Saturday is provisionally confirmed 37.575 individuals with coronavirus in France. It is 4611 more than a day earlier.

In total 17.620 persons are now hospitalized in the French hospital with coronavirus, of which 4273 of them have it so bad, that they have been laid on the intensive care unit.

According to Reuters, can save a large mørketal both in the number of deaths and the number of infected.

It is linked to the number of deaths only count those that have died in a hospital, while it is only those who are assessed particularly vulnerable, which is being tested for the coronavirus in the moment.

Also in other places in Europe continues coronavirusset to spread.

Earlier Saturday, the Italian authorities informed the that 889 people in Italy have died with the virus in the course of the past day.

This means that more than 10,000 Italian is now dead, while they were infected.

At the moment is 92.472 registered infected with the virus in Italy, which has been the hardest hit country in Europe in terms of the number of infected and dead.

Worldwide, Italy is also the hardest hit in relation to the number of dead.

in terms of the number of infected people is the country, however, been overtaken by the UNITED states, particularly where megapolis New York city is hit hard by smittetilfælde and deaths.

Also, Africa is affected by the virus. Now is 2650 africans infected with the virus, while 49 have died. It informs the world health organization (WHO).