the Netherlands is located in 2018 207.400 the rich, against the 180.900 millionaire in a year. Converted, was 2.7% of all households two years ago, is a millionaire, reported to the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) on Wednesday.

The average miljonairshuishouden had to be in 2018, with around 2.5 million in assets. The average non-millionaire, had a capital of 119.000 euros. These are very wealthy people, on average, 21 times more wealth than their poorer countrymen.

the value is the value of the assets taken into account, such as shares, but also the value of the home. In addition, the possible mortgage debt of it is removed.

as of The greatest resource of the average millionaire and the so-called substantial interest. Then, for example, small businesses that have a stake in the company.

the Increase is due to increased huizenwaarde and stock prices

with The increase in 2017 and in 2018, mainly driven by increased share prices and increased huizenwaarde.

The number of millionaires in the Netherlands as there is in any case very much depends on the state of the housing market and the financial markets. Thus, the decline in the number of millionaires between 2008 and 2014 to almost each and every year due to the drop in housing prices and the stock markets. Since 2014, the number of correctly each year.

With the newly-gekelderde quotes around the coronacrisis, the number of millionaires this year is likely to come under pressure.