Berlin – the movements limit and the public life as far as possible, to shutdown, to slow the spread of the Coronavirus in Germany at least, maybe even to stop.

It works! Data available for IMAGE exclusive show daily, as the movement rate in Germany is decreasing. The population has changed their behaviour in the Corona of a crisis is crucial and adheres to the requirements for restricted movement. Again, there is a decrease in the Federal there are an average of 21 percent less in comparison with from Wednesday, 25. In March, the Wednesday of the week before, the 18. March.

The data is based on a interactive map, the Teralytics on the Basis of anonymized mobile operator data (over 30 million) has created. How much less the people moving in my area? Here you come to the map to figure it out.

The green areas show that the mobility decreased the most, the red regions are evidence of more mobility: especially at the borders to Poland, the traffic disproportionately abFoto: TERALYTICS

the industry Is at a standstill, rests Germany

Green are the regions in which the movements are the most extreme break-in. This is the current movement data, especially in the locations of the car industry Wolfsburg (VW) and Ingolstadt (Audi) of the case. Thus, also, that in the counties on the border to Poland again a strong decline of the movements are recorded. There, the Trucks were still in the last week up to 60 kilometres jammed at the border crossings, often loaded with freight Industry, but also with animals who were suffering in high dimensions . Especially in Bavaria, the increase in the contact engages the lock very clearly, to the district of Passau in the free state is green to dark green.

In the red areas, the people have moved relatively more common. This is observed especially in the North and the West to. What is striking is the Region Schleswig in the direction of to the border to Denmark is especially. Here, the movements have not decreased in comparison to the week as well as even more.