More than three weeks after he disappeared while hiking in California, the search for British actor Julian Sands (65) continues.

His friend and hiking partner Kevin Ryan has now spoken to the British newspaper “Independent”, as reported by “Yahoo News”. The actor is currently filming in Ireland so he cannot be involved in the search for Julian Sands. However, he is certain that “something must have gone wrong”. Julian is the most experienced hiker he knows. “Every day that goes by puts more pressure and it brings a lot of doubts,” says Kevin Ryan, but he doesn’t want to give up hope. “Julian is such an experienced hiker. That was just what he liked to do. He climbed mountains all his life, it was his true passion. He’s incredibly experienced and I hope he’s hiding somewhere and holding out.”

Kevin Ryan has scaled said Mount Baldy himself several times, albeit not under such dangerous conditions. “You can hike there in the summer heat and it’s a different mountain than it is in winter, especially when the weather hits the area so hard – it’s a whole different trail. But that’s something Julian saw as a challenge to go up in these conditions. He liked to push himself.”

24 January:

Eleven days after he disappeared while hiking, the search for British actor Julian Sands (“Room with a View”) continues. The family of the 65-year-old thanked the emergency services in a message. “We are deeply touched by the outpouring of love and support,” the text, shared on Twitter by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office, read.

The family also thanked the sheriff’s office for coordinating the search and the rescue teams “who braved the difficult conditions on the ground and in the air to bring Julian home.”

The sheriff’s office said it would continue to “use all available resources” in the search for Sands. The 65-year-old left on January 13 for a trip to the Mount Baldy area northeast of Los Angeles and has not returned. Sands lives near Hollywood and, according to media reports, is an avid mountain hiker.

Mount Baldy is officially called Mount San Antonio, belongs to the San Gabriel mountain range and is almost 3070 meters high. The sheriff’s office recently warned against hiking the mountain due to dangerous weather conditions. California has been hit by weeks of severe winter storms with snow, landslides, mudslides and flooding.

Julian Sands is missing. On Friday, the British actor went hiking in the mountains around Los Angeles. He didn’t come back from that.

The first lead in the search for Julian Sands: rescue workers have discovered the abandoned car of the “Ocean’s 13” actor.