Missilangrebet is the first major attack in Saudi Arabia since a drone strikes in september against two oil facilities.

Saudi Arabia’s air defences has foiled two ballistic missiles over the capital Riyadh, a city along the border with Yemen.

As a result, at least two civilians have been injured by the fallen metal fragments.

There could be heard several explosions in Riyadh, where there is introduced the curfew as a result of the corona virus during the attack late on Saturday night.

The saudiskledede militærkoalition accuses Yemen’s Iran-backed houthi rebels of being behind. Houthi rebels have previously attacked the saudi arabian cities with missiles, rockets and drones.

It is the first major attack against Saudi Arabia since the houthierne in september last year offered to set attacks in the wake of a devastating dobbeltangreb on the two saudi oil facilities.

– fired two ballistic missiles against the cities of Riyadh and Jizan, reports the saudi news agency SPA, quoting sources in the militærkoalitionen, who are fighting against the rebels.

Luftforsvarets prevent the missiles sent splinters down in neighborhoods in the two cities, which resulted in two injured civilians in Riyadh.

It was stated by a spokesman of civil defense in a statement published by SPA.

the Rebels have not yet commented on the incident.

According to journalists from the AFP news agency on the spot, shook off at least three explosions Riyadh shortly before midnight Sunday.

the Attack occurs, despite the fact that all of Yemen’s warring parties as late as last Thursday showed support for a proposal from the united nations to conclude a ceasefire to protect the civilian population against the coronaviruspandemien.

Saudi Arabia, the Yemeni government and the rebels welcomed so all a call of welcome from UN secretary-general, António Guterres, on an “instant, global ceasefire”.

a Ceasefire according to Guterres, avert disasters for vulnerable people in conflict zones under the viruskrisen.

the Call coincided with the fifth anniversary of the war in Yemen.

The 26. march 2015 was the conflict in Yemen really stepped up, when Saudi Arabia and a number of other countries launched air strikes against the houthierne.