Ministry of education: the Complete abolition of examinations in universities will not be

He stressed that the Ministry is not considering this option as a “working scenario” and plans to conduct reception campaign shifted by 2-4 weeks, to September 1, to begin the school year traditionally. Admission campaign, according to Falkova, most likely, will be held remotely, with maximum use of digital technology.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG Start of the exam moved to June, enrollment will start later than usual

in addition, the possibility to remotely conduct all scheduled papers and dissertations of the graduates and postgraduates.

– While absolute answer we can not give the APR will become clear, but this variant is worked out, – said the Minister.

He noted that the weakest point in the remote the protection the mechanisms of its implementation. How to ensure that “on the other side of the screen,” do author degree, not a plant man?

the Ministry will use the digital technology of facial recognition.

– we simply Have no choice, – said Valery Falkov. – In the current situation it will happen this summer. And will soon become the norm in higher education, not widespread, but the norm.

the face detection part of the control procedures during the knowledge checks (proctoring) when using special software to fixed and human actions on the screen, and the background sound.