Ministry of education: Schools will continue to learn remotely

According to him, the decree of the President the work of schools does not directly stops. And as now almost the whole country is on a mode of isolation, the majority of schools can continue to work from April 6, remotely, by using digital resources.

Photo: iStock Survey: teachers became more work “on remote”

– the heads of regions must draw up a list of municipalities, educational organizations, and to coordinate these lists where restrictions are imposed on the institutions, – said Dmitry Glushko. Educational organizations should start working in the mode of being in their homes and apartments students. Also recommended that teachers organized the educational process, too, being at their homes.

Now the regions are doing a lot in order to organize this process – including providing teachers with the necessary equipment, train their work in the “figure”.

– no One will be left to the second year. Only if there are bad marks. The developing situation will not lead to the fact that students will remain in the second year. We are mobilizing all the resources of a mobile company, the company providing the content to provide access to all resources, – said Glushko.