Ministry of education of Russia is preparing to launch the new academic year on 1 September in an internal format, the transfer of schools to distance learning not planned. This was stated by Deputy Minister Dmitry Glushko Sunday, may 10.

“a Classic lesson that student comes to school, comes to the teacher, will continue on the first of September”, — he told on air of radio station “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

According to Glushko, in Russia only 15% of schools ready to go full distance learning. The Deputy Minister stressed that interaction with the student can not be replaced, and expressed confidence that in the near future the departure from full-time education will not happen.

He also noted that the reduction of teachers in the country are planned.

the Ministry of education also said earlier about the lack of plans for the transfer of the school year in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. The Department assured that all universities are ready to enroll students on the exam in the shortest possible time, despite the shift in timing of the exam.

Initially, the exams were postponed from 25 may to 8 June, a further decision may be taken after may 12. According to the head of the Ministry of health of Michael Murashko, the conduct of the exam will be safe in a pandemic in the best case, August-September Rosobrnadzor also considering the transfer exam in August.

Schools are encouraged to finish the school year for 9th and 11th grades until June 5, for 10 classes ― 30 may, and for 1-8 grades — up to may 15-16. Moscow the students annual evaluation will put on may 15. Russian custody transferred to the next school year.

All the information on the situation of coronavirus is available on stopmanager.Russia and dostupnim.of the Russian Federation, and the hashtag #Myvote. Telephone hotline for questions about coronavirus: 8-800-2000-112.