Coronakrisen increases the risk of cyber-attacks against health care, but so far Denmark has gone free.

the Fear that the criminals must break into the public authorities and healthcare it systems, you will have to time the preparedness of the Centre for Cyber security to be especially vigilant.

Countries across the world warned that criminals try to exploit coronakrisen to commit cyber attacks against hospitals and critical infrastructure. But so far Denmark was spared.

It tells the secretary of defense Trine Team (S).

– It is normal that we see attempts at attacks directed against the public authorities, infrastructure and private enterprises.

– But we can see that the activity is higher now. However, we have not seen large-scale, coordinated attacks against, for example hospitals, she says.

Earlier Saturday warned Interpol that the hospitals and authorities concerned to combat the outbreak of the coronavirus around the world, are exposed to an increasing number of attacks from cyber-criminals.

Specifically, there is talk about “a significant increase” in the number of experiments with so-called ransomware. Succeed the type of attack, the criminals can capture, for example, a hospital’s data and systems and then demand ransom.

The type of attacks, Denmark has so far managed to keep from the door. It is primarily other types of cybercrime that has hit the danes, tells the Trine Team.

– We can see that coronakrisen will be used to send, for example, fake emails and create fake websites with misinformation.

– But we keep an eye on whether there should be attacks against critical infrastructure. And we have done it in a long time – even before Denmark closed down, she says.

the Warning from Interpol was sent out on Saturday in a press release.

Here was no information on specific cases or on the number of attacks against each country’s it systems.

The international police organization participates in investigations with the national police about the current problems, but also working with private companies within the it-security industry.

Cybertruslen against critical infrastructure in Denmark was high, even before the coronakrisen put in. And it means, that the Center for Cyber-security already monitors the public systems intensely.

– One may hope, that Denmark is not an obvious target, because we have the setup we have. But it does not change, that we must be very careful and heed the warnings, Interpol comes with, say, Trine Team.