Became aware of the revenues of the Russian athletes-the state Duma deputies. They have published information about the funds received, expenditure, assets and liabilities for the year 2019. It is reported

All athletes except Valery Gazzaev represent “United Russia”. Gazzayev – the party member “Fair Russia”.

The richest member of the athlete became Valery Gazzaev income in 146,89 million. And for the year his income increased by more than 10 times.

The football coach has land for individual housing construction 15 acres, the plot in Spain for the exploitation of existing homes — 10 acres, a house in Spain on 307 squares (in common ownership). The car, apartment (270 sq m).

The income of the spouse is 230 thousand. She is 9 parcels, 2 homes (plus Spanish in common ownership). two apartments, country house with outbuildings, garage, hozblok, non-residential premises. In the gratuitous use apartment (the same as my husband), plus a car.

Second place went to Vladislav Tretiak

His income – of 26.07 million. Property: 4 plots — garden (from 12 to 75 acres), 2 houses, residential building, 2 apartments in Latvia (167 squares), 2 apartments in Russia (one in common ownership), garage, Parking, outbuildings, 2 baths, outbuilding, gazebo, shed, attic over joblocom and barn. Plus a garage in the gratuitous use.

The three rich men came and Vyacheslav Fetisov with an income of 14.98 million. In his use of an apartment of 132 square meters.

The income of the spouse 9.29 million a land parcel for construction of a complex of roadside service with cottages, 88 acres. 2 apartments (132 and 1052 square meters), 4 Parking spaces, a car and an ATV, land for individual housing construction 12 acres.

Income of Nikolai Valuev amounted to 13.23 million From his family other housing 2 houses (in Spain — 98 squares in Russia — 217).

Income other deputies-athletes be 5-10 million.

Note that many parliamentarians have homes in the countries-members of NATO – Latvia and Spain.

Earlier, as reported Rambler, Spain on demand have given the United States a Russian citizen, appeared on its territory.