the actions of the militants of illegal armed groups in the Syrian province of Idlib foiled the tenth joint patrols of the Turkish army and the Russian military police. Published on local media footage taken, as alleged, local residents, including women, threw stones at the armored vehicles of the Russian military. But, according to Syrian media, the role of the angry women of Syria played… militants, disguised for the sake of provocation in women’s clothes.

the Russian and the Turkish military over the past several months regularly conduct joint patrols of the highway M-4 “Latakia – Aleppo” in Northern Syria. Under the terms of the agreement between the presidents of Russia and Turkey, the joint patrols should support mounted in the region of the cease-fire. This agreement categorically rejected by groups of Islamist militants regularly attempt to stop the patrols.

Monday, may 12, was to begin the tenth patrol highway M-4. Before the operation, at the gathering place joint convoy riots broke out. A group of people who positioned themselves as local residents, approached the Russian and the Turkish military. They shouted insults at the troops of Russia and Turkey, and then began to throw stones at the armored vehicles. On one of the posted videos from the event was filmed women who was trying to damage the armored personnel carrier of the Russian military police. But, as it turned out, the angry women of Syria came disguised militants.

according to the Syrian news Agency Muraselon, the truth about “spontaneous protests” revealed themselves provocateurs. On the Internet resources of the militants published pictures of men who dress like women just before to approach the Russian military. The militants have dressed in a niqab – the Islamic women’s garment which conceals the whole body, including the face and hands, and is thus able to disguise.

However, the masquerade provocation by militants is not over. As previously reported by “MK”, directly before the March of the armored column was fired at from a grenade launcher. Although casualties among military managed to avoid the patrols was postponed because of security reasons.

Earlier, the terrorists have repeatedly attempted to block the highway M-4, setting up earth mounds and barricades. These attempts were stopped by the efforts of the Turkish army, which several times has engaged the insurgents in a firefight.