The always cheerful Michelle Hunziker (43) is in these days very seriously.

No wonder: she’s with her family since the 5. March, in their home in Bergamo included. The city in the North of Italy has it made in the Corona-crisis particularly hard. Here, more than a thousand people have died so far in Covid-19.

Hunziker says to Bild am Sonntag: “The current situation in Bergamo is really bad, but we all try as best as possible to deal with the Situation. For us it is an absolute output is still lock. So you could go as a single person shop and the number of people within the super market is strictly monitored.“

(and live) together: Michelle (v. l.) with Aurora’s best friend, Sara, daughter Aurora, and their friend Goffredo photo: instagram/therealhunzigram

Michelle Hunziker is currently living with her husband Tomaso Trussardi (36), the three daughters of the Sole (6), Celeste (5) and Aurora (23), whose friend Goffredo, and a friend in your house. “We have decided at the beginning of the curfew, to be together in this constellation, and since then, we no longer have to leave the house.”

The Trussardis are firmly rooted in Bergamo, therefore, the family wanted to remain in the heavy time be aware of of this place and – if possible – help. How do you do that? Michelle: “I gathered together with my husband Tomaso money for the hospital in Bergamo for ventilation equipment and additional beds, and there are already 1.2 million euros get together!”