at the beginning of April, agreed Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Minister presidents of the Länder, that the contact restrictions and the shops, daycare and school closures until the 19th century. April apply. Since then, it has replaced the Federal government with the representatives of the state governments on the success of the measures and advice. After most of the citizens have complied with the no-Contact orders and the Shutdown of public life have to endure, many to loose.

The Federal government is faced with a difficult decision: on the one Hand, the Virus to be combated and on the other hand, the economy should be driven back high, and a step in the direction of normality are made.

Leopoldina recommendations and NRW-study as a basis for

On Wednesday to discuss the Chancellor and the country heads of the other Plan. An important basis for the deliberations are likely to be on Monday submitted recommendations of the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina in Halle. In addition to the Leopoldina recommendations Merkel and the heads of government, among other things, the paper of the NRW Minister Armin Laschet (CDU), the expert Council is.

First, the elementary school students?

The Leopoldina-experts rate to a step and grade levels differentiated the re-opening of schools, colleges and other educational institutions. All measures need to be implemented here on a longer period of time in compliance with the requirements of Hygiene, the distance, mouth-nose protection, testing, and quarantine.

your recommendation, first of all, basic schools and upper secondary education 1 (main-to open a Real and comprehensive schools up to class 10, as well as high schools, up to and including grades 9 or 10), explain that Younger are more dependent on personal care, guidance and support.

In elementary schools should be launched with a significantly reduced group size of maximum 15 students to be able to the distance requirement better comply. Also non-simultaneous teaching possible.

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University home

According to this logic, the experts also recommend at day-care centres and kindergartens operating with reduced group sizes to a maximum of five children (5 – and 6-Year-old) per room at the Transition to primary school. Because smaller children are not held to the distance rules and protective measures are to remain in the nurseries for up to the summer holidays in emergency mode – this should also apply to the Hoards.

In secondary education 1 the teaching should begin with those levels at which the Central statutory audits take place – for all other year groups to focus on core subjects (English, mathematics, foreign languages) is proposed. At the universities and colleges for the summer semester “should be largely conducted as an online/home-learning-Semester to the end”.

In the NRW-study it is said that the right to education of children and young people is a fundamental right. “Education should be scope, therefore, as quickly as possible, in answer to a ortbarem and in compliance with high standards of protection are possible”. It is advised to differentiate between the different lesson formats between the upper, middle and lower levels, as well as time-shifted instruction.

Thus, the public life

change to activate the economy, could first open the retail, hospitality and public authorities, propose to the Leopoldina -experts Private and business trips as well as social, cultural and sporting events could take place again. Here, too, however, should apply the conditions that there would be few new infections, well-known rules of hygiene are met and that hospitals are well equipped. The experts also suggest a mask of duty such as in buses and trains.

The NRW-experts write in the catering industry, strict requirements are conceivable, regarding the table spacing or number of persons. “Major events such as football matches of the Bundesliga with viewers, but also fairs and congresses will not be able to take place in the foreseeable future”, the report says. Cultural offerings such as concerts or theater performances could possibly be held with the appropriate restrictions.

mouth-nose protection, testing, mobile data use

Regarding the pandemic is to combat the Leopoldina -experts warn: “In the stage of gradual easing, it may not have to pay again to a rapid increase in the Infection.” One of the most effective measures you describe Wearing mouth-nose protection, nationwide Test, the use of mobile data, the identification of the Infected, as well as the development of therapies. This was necessary in order to stabilize the System, until an effective vaccine was found.

The NRW-experts say clearly: “the goal of the containment of the pandemic remains.” With a view to recent findings about the Virus should be started to control the action in a more differentiated and flexible.

the group of experts from North Rhine-Westphalia speaks, among other things, for the use of mobile phone Apps, to allow chains of Infection it is possible to track. To control the entry into the “normalization” needs to be increased for a broad range of information about the number of Tests up to 500 000 per day.

Austria as a model

the neighboring country of Austria has already ventured to the loosening of the measures to contain the Coronavirus. Perhaps Merkel and the Minister-presidents in their discussions, the approach of Austria’s Chancellor, Sebastian will refer Briefly included. On Tuesday, many shops opened in the neighboring country after a four-week closure for the first time again. The loosening of small shops with less than 400 square meters of retail space, as well as the construction and garden markets benefited initially.

Only in a second stage, from 2 to. May are allowed to open on all transactions in Austria, including the hairdressers count. From mid-may to the bars and Restaurants could follow.

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