No scary weather or the looming dark clouds and sparkling on the horizon the sun did not stop members of the Public Council at the Ministry of defence, headed by its Chairman, the editor of “MK” Pavel Gusev to go on Wednesday in the Moscow Park “Patriot” to visit the Main Temple of the Russian Armed forces Museum and temple complex “Road of Memory”.

And surprisingly, over this place the sky as it lit the clouds in hand, meeting guests with sun and warm drops of summer rain. And guests a Day of love, family and loyalty, along with members of the Public Council came to the Church of the Resurrection, was too much.

Already by 10 am on a huge Parking lot near the temple, not counting tour buses, there were about 200 cars. After an hour or more than 500. People got very different: old and young, civilians and military, a lot of families with children. Parents were getting out of the family car strollers, children scooters, in the calculation have to walk and ride programowej spacious square.

-Surprisingly, there are today so many people! – shared his impressions the member of the Public Council under the Ministry of defense Igor Korotchenko. – But it’s the suburbs, and getting here is not easy. Do not assume that here on a weekday can be so many visitors. I am sure that this place will be very popular.

We at the Public Council also came to visit the Temple and go down Memory lane, filled with the energy of this place. My first time here and very impressed. It is a big complex! A lot of work, but the memory of the dead.

This temple is a spiritual Foundation for our Armed forces. He is not just a religious symbol, but a symbol of faith in the future of our country, which is the background of the chaos, in which is immersed the world today, gives rise to hope.

As told to “MK” Nadezhda Usmanova, Deputy Director of the Museum-temple complex “Road of Memory” runs less than two weeks. “We began to receive visitors on June 24. But at the moment the complex was visited by over 60 thousand people”, – not without pride, she said.

is the peak load on the weekend – more than 11 thousand people on weekdays – more than 5 thousand per day, – said Usmanov. – We have automated means of counting, we get data every two hours, so these figures are absolutely real.

According to her, the original complex began to work every day except Monday from 9.00 to 19.00 hours. However, after seeing how many people come, the complex management was forced to extend the daily work schedule to 21.00 hours.

that visitors are like telling the book reviews that are on the exit of the Museum. In such a short time they covered almost completely.

-��and, with a smile complains Nadezhda Usmanova – now have to order some huge circulation of these books, because people write even on the cover. I Express my gratitude to those who had it all planned – first Minister of defense Sergei Shoigu. Those who supported it and those who everything is built. The most often repeated in these reviews, the words after “thank you” is, oddly enough – the word “shivers”, “shivers”. Because the immersion in this atmosphere, in this memory sneaks every. Here you can see and respect the personal history of each participant of the war, and at the same time respect for the history of the people. This is what causes “goose bumps” – something that people have written.

indeed, when you stand on the square in front of this majestic Temple, as if absorbed all the military glory of Russia, and the quiet background sounds of Church music, experience the unusual excitement. And tears welling. Everyone who has maintained in his family the memory of the great Patriotic war.

-it surprises Me how in such a short period it was possible to create such magnificence, – said the head of the Public Council at the Ministry of defence Pavel Gusev. This very unusual Church, which will become of great artistic and Orthodox value, he will certainly go down in the history of world Orthodoxy.