1. April, Meghan (38) and Harry (35) are not Royals any more, you have to earn your bread yourself.

longer, it was said, Meghan is very interested in future Jobs as a voice actress to perform. And tadaaaa, there it is: your first officially confirmed speaker Job at Disney!

The voice of Prince Harry’s wife will be heard in the documentary film “Elephant”, the on 3. April will be published on the new Streaming channel “Disney+”. Since the beginning of the year, the rumors that Meghan had signed a contract with Disney, and your first speaker-Job was confirmed on Thursday is now officially on Twitter are circulating already.

Before Meghan was in Prince Harry fell in love with him in may 2018 married and then a year later, the mother of the little Archie (10 months), she was in the USA a successful actress. Best known for her role of Rachel Zane in the legal drama “Suits”.

With your Sync Job, she returns now to her roots in the film industry. The Voice-Over for the documentary on elephants is said to have taken Meghan in the fall of 2019. Even before they came to pass in their time-out to Canada.