Tumultuous scenes in front of the meeting building of the Northwest Mecklenburg District Council. It was about a container accommodation for refugees. The police were in action with massive forces.

Hundreds of people protested against a decision to build refugee accommodation in Upahl in front of the meeting building of the Northwest Mecklenburg District Council on Thursday. There were tumultuous scenes in Grevesmühlen. According to the police, up to 700 people took part in the registered meeting. Some participants tried to gain access to the building, but were prevented and pushed back by the police.

The district council approved the construction of refugee accommodation in Upahl (Northwest Mecklenburg district) on Thursday. The district announced that the construction of the containerized facility for 400 refugees could begin. Those attending the gathering expressed their displeasure, police said. There had already been protests against the planned accommodation in Upahl. Opponents criticized that with around 400 places, it was too big for such a small community.

The emergency services were confronted with verbal aggression. Unknown persons would also have repeatedly ignited pyrotechnics. Appropriate procedures for administrative offenses had been initiated. In addition, the suspicion of serious trespassing and violations of the Assembly Act are being investigated. Around 120 police officers from Wismar, Rostock and Neubrandenburg, among others, were deployed. The spokesman for the district did not want to comment on the incidents when asked.

In the evening, the Greens spoke of an attack on democracy. “Refugees need protection from war and persecution. Our task is to take them in, provide them with dignified accommodation and guarantee their physical and psychological safety,” said Katharina Horn, state chairwoman.