Medvedev urged Russians not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary

the epidemic of coronavirus very serious, said Deputy Chairman of the security Council. To some it may seem that what is happening is the game or movie, like a Hollywood Thriller, but it’s not a game, said Medvedev, noting that more than half a million people worldwide are already ill, coronavirus infection and what is happening is a real threat for everyone.

Photo: Dmitry Astakhov/RIA Novosti the Government said the list of commodities

This does not mean you have to panic, urged Medvedev. The state has taken all necessary measures to combat coronavirus. Special thanks was awarded to the Russian doctors who provide round-the-clock care to patients. Their efforts help to contain the rapid spread of the disease, the Chairman of the security Council.

But the country must be ready for different scenarios, and adverse will require more tough decisions. Therefore, according to Dmitry Medvedev, it is important to do everything to avoid this: carefully consider the words of the President, to exercise self-discipline, not to create for yourself and your family to additional risks. According to him, in the history of mankind this is not the first epidemic, and together people were able to win not one disease.

Economic problems are also important, but they are now secondary. The main thing – people’s health, said Medvedev. Here, for the country it is important the participation of each. In hours a week, said the Chairman of the security Council, there is a desire to meet with friends, walk around town, go on a picnic, but this approach is invalid. To leave the apartment or cottage is only in cases of extreme necessity, said Medvedev. Free time can be used to advantage: to communicate with loved ones, to educate ourselves and do chores, watch movies and read books.

– Remember that the life and health of your family now depend on the attentive and caring attitude to them and, equally important, to themselves, – the statement says Medvedev. Any epidemic has a life cycle: it is born, grows and goes. I am confident that together we can overcome all problems and emerge from this situation victorious.