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The coming weeks will be crucial in the fight against coronavirus, and therefore all actions should be built optimally, said Vladimir Putin. The President also urged to consider all scenarios of the situation development of a pandemic
Russian Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova presented to the President of the Russian Federation annual report on human rights. Today, in exclusive interview "RG" told it about the most vivid events of the past human rights year and the main trends of the current year
Vladimir Putin will hold a meeting on sanitary-epidemiological situation in the country. In a videoconference Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova will talk about data in General in Russia. About the situation in Moscow will tell Sergei Sobyanin
The impossibility of direct communication does not affect the intensity of the graphics of Vladimir Putin, although he misses the trips and the meetings with people. "The schedule is not something that is the same, it is much more intense than usual period", - said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov
Russian-American consultations on the situation in the global oil market will continue. This was agreed between the presidents of Russia and the United States during a telephone conversation. The sides also discussed issues regarding pandemic coronavirus and cooperation in space
Vladimir Putin suggested that in the next three months in addition to pay three thousand rubles per month for each minor child to those parents who become unemployed. About the initiative of the head of state said at a meeting with heads of regions
It is important to soften the blow for business, the loss of which is already serious because of the situation with coronavirus, said Vladimir Putin. As new support measures proposed, in particular, delays in insurance payments and the restructuring of tax debts
Vladimir Putin will deliver a great opening speech before heads of regions. The range of topics under discussion will include everything to do with combating the spread of coronavirus infection in Russia, said Dmitry Peskov
The Kremlin is considering different options for the Victory Parade, but no decision has been taken. According to Dmitry Peskov, one thing is clear: the participation of veterans in the events of may 9 in the current epidemiological situation is inappropriate from the point of view of health protection
The decision to extend holidays until the end of April, has caused controversy. It is a great burden for the economy, but the priority is the health of the citizens, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov
To close the company, brush "one size fits" all across the country is impractical, said Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Russian security Council. Directives that would undermine economic activity, is not necessary, said the President
Vladimir Putin has allowed the remote sale of OTC drugs, and prescription in the context of the epidemic. Pharmacies are allowed to sell over the Internet medicines, except those which trade specifically restricted or prohibited
The President charged the government with the participation of telecommunication companies to provide citizens with free access to Russian Internet resources. Including to obtain government services, distance learning, order drugs
Vladimir Putin noted the importance of agriculture in the context of pandemic coronavirus worked virtually continuously. When there's bread then there's the inner confidence, the President said
Spring call for military service will be held in Russia as planned - from 1 April to 15 July, follows from the decree of the President. In the next three months and a half Stroy will join 135 thousand recruits
The President will hold a meeting via teleconference with his Plenipotentiary envoys to the Federal districts. The meeting will take place in the next hour or two, the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov
Deputy Chairman of the security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has asked the Russians to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. Through social networks, he urged citizens to exercise self-discipline, so in the future it took more stringent measures
The government will prepare amendments about credit vacation citizens. We are talking about those whose income has dropped by a third. Also will be simplified procedure of bankruptcy of citizens. The corresponding order was given by Vladimir Putin
Families with children are entitled to maternity capital, will pay 5 thousand rubles for each child up to three years from 1 April. And get them will be within three months. This is stated in the instructions of the President
Vladimir Putin agreed to instruct about the beginning of design and survey works for the pipeline "Power of Siberia-2". As noted by the head of "Gazprom", the connection of the two parts of the pipeline reasonable and cost effective
Vladimir Putin signed the law simplifies the procedure for obtaining measures of social protection for low-income families with children. According to the document, bodies of social protection receive from FNS data on incomes with assistance
Telephone conversation of presidents of Russia and France took place right in front of the emergency summit "group of twenty" in a videoconference format. Putin and macron told each other about measures to combat the spread of coronavirus
The President signed a decree "On declaring in the Russian Federation are non-working days." The goal of the decision - the provision of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population
The Russian health care should be ready for the Italian variant of development of coronavirus. However, doctors will be very happy, if all goes according to the Chinese scenario. About it the head physician of the hospital in Kommunarka Denis Protsenko has told to President Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin on Tuesday visited the hospital in Kommunarka, where the treatment of infected COVID-19. He thanked the management and staff of the hospital for organizing the work, comparing it to "a well-coordinated clock"
The public chamber of the Russian Federation involved in the preparation process of voting on amendments to the Constitution. On Monday it has signed agreements with more than twenty public and non-profit organizations on the training of observers
It is important to make the utmost effort to prevent possible growth of the spread of coronavirus, said Vladimir Putin. He is urged to do everything possible to ensure all necessary materials and citizens, and special services
Poor families with children aged three to seven years will receive a monthly payment, which will amount to half of the minimum subsistence level for a child. The corresponding decree was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin
The President signed a decree on conferring the title of Hero of labour of the Minister for foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. The Minister awarded "for special labor merits before the state and the people"
Vladimir Putin considers it premature to question their status after the expiration of the term of office in 2024. The answer will depend on the willingness of the Russians, it's a question of trust, he said in an interview with TASS
The law on amendments in the Constitution allows you to postpone the date of the nationwide vote, it will happen in the case of unfavorable situation with the spread of the coronavirus. This was stated by Vladimir Putin in the Crimea
The inclusion in the Constitution of social security will make it impossible for the legislative "tricks" that allowed to circumvent these requirements. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He pointed to the need to "reveal the social character of the state"
Vladimir Putin signed a decree "On the appointment of a nationwide vote on the issue of approval of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation". The document comes into force from the day of its official publication
Voting on amendments to the Constitution will be organized taking into account the epidemiological situation. About Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with CEC head Ella Pamfilova
Vladimir Putin signed a decree on appointment of the voting day for amendments to the Constitution. The President held a meeting with CEC head Ella Pamfilova and stressed that the vote will take place if the situation permits: nothing is more important than the health and lives of citizens
Vladimir Putin has asked citizens to treat with understanding to the measures to combat the spread of COVID-19. Officials at all levels the President has aimed to be proactive. Workers with children the head of the Russian Federation proposed to send "udalenka"
Vladimir Putin instructed the Prosecutor General to monitor the unjustified increase in food prices. He said this, speaking at the expanded Board of the Ministry. He also called for continued efforts to create a favorable investment climate
The opposition Russia needs, but the Parliament should not be "a mess and a show", said Vladimir Putin in the fifteenth of a series of video interviews TASS. "We need a serious political activity," - said the President
In the Network appeared the fifteenth series of the special project TASS "20 questions to Vladimir Putin". The head of state answered questions on systemic and non-systemic opposition. The next part of the interview will be published on Wednesday, March 18
The fourteenth series of the special project TASS "20 questions to Vladimir Putin" published online. The President spoke about the sanctions as a stimulus for economic development. The next part of the video interview will show 17 Mar
On Friday held an operative meeting of the President with the permanent members of the security Council of the Russian Federation. We discussed three main topics: arrangements with Turkey in Idlib, the situation on the world markets and the threat of the spread of coronavirus
The Kremlin followed the vote on the amendments to the Constitution in the regions. Vladimir Putin will promptly submit a request to the constitutional court, explained "the Russian newspaper" the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov
State involvement in the economy - balanced, said the President of Russia in the thirteenth series of video interviews TASS. Vladimir Putin also explained the meaning of Bank rehabilitation. The next part will be released on March 16 and will focus on the sanctions as a stimulus for economic development
Millions of salaries of top managers of state corporations, Vladimir Putin explained that Russia is forced to hire a lot of foreigners. And that means that they need to pay in accordance with the cost of services in the international labor market
The thirteenth series of the special project TASS "20 questions to Vladimir Putin" published online. The President answered questions about the current leaders of the corporations and the oligarchs of the 90s. the Next part of the video interview will show 16 March
The leaders of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Tayyip Erdogan held a telephone conversation, during which discussed the situation in Syria's Idlib province, as well as previous agreements on Syria. The conversation took place on the initiative of the Russian side
Vladimir Putin signed a decree defining the functions of the Deputy Chairman of the security Council. This position is held by Dmitry Medvedev. We will remind that the President of the security Council - President
The presence of limiting the number of terms, which can be elected President, is preferable for Russia to ensure the turnover of power. This was stated by Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions on implementing the concept of state migration policy of Russia to 2019 - 2025. The report should be prepared by March next year
The President in video address to Russian women said their unfathomable ability to do everything - at home and at work and in studies. "We want to tell you about our admiration and love, respect and gratitude, that you are the best in the world," he said

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