on may 2 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk landed flights from Moscow and Novosibirsk. On Board were shift workers from different cities of Russia. Specialization is at all different builders, oil, gas producers, chefs, plumbers, mechanics, engineers. People came to work. All – 104 – was put in quarantine on a cold football field. Shift workers complained about the terrible conditions of ex-Prime Minister Medvedev. The like.

On arrival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk passengers were standard procedure – passed the tests measured the temperature, completed the questionnaire.

After all sent to 14-day quarantine in a sports complex “Olympia”.

104 placed on a football field with bleachers. The room is practically not heated, the workers sleep on cots or on the floor, eating crowd in the General queue, there are no tables – you eat on beds, wash in the communal shower room, a hundred people there are two toilet.

the Second of may “prisoners” Sakhalin Observatory created a page on the social network, which has posted dozens of photos and videos.

We caught up with Yevgeny (name changed), who gave the public the situation. The man flew to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk at the working points from Volgograd, has been commissioning diesel power stations for oil companies.

– I Flew one from our company on a month and a half. To purchase masks, gloves, antiseptics. Prior to that, was sitting at home, comply with self-isolation, as the majority of passengers on our flight started with a man. – On arrival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk men underwent rapid testing, all took a swab. The procedure took about three hours. In order to pass tests, had to stand in a queue in the rain outside the airport building.

that all passengers will be placed on quarantine in the Observatory, the people learned when they boarded the bus.

– At the Olympia, we were greeted by the Manager, warned that sometimes the room is cold. Explained that the coolness associated with the process of pouring fuel in the heaters. Said that drowns your local city funding is not allocated, – said Eugene. – The Observatory is a sports complex. We were placed on the football field with artificial turf, where I’ve put the cots.

In total, we gathered 104 with two flights. Many were outraged that such content is unacceptable. The Manager shrugged his shoulders, saying that he can’t influence the situation, asked to treat carefully the property of the sports complex. In fairness, this man helped us to solve problems with food and household things.

“Clamshell can not withstand large men”

Passengers didn’t think I’d get in such conditions, most of the captured Slippers, did not take towels, mugs, – said my companion. – So the people walking in here. NatureNGOs, dirt everywhere. The football field no one cleans. Perhaps for cleaning coatings used for industrial vacuum cleaners – now this deal to no one. A couple of times saw women wearing masks and protective coats of rubbing the handles on the doors and railings in the stands.

Sleep on the cots.

– Yes. But men with a large weight of the clamshell can not stand. So 10-15 people, sleeping on the floor, on mattresses. All bed linen is very poor quality folded in big bags, there are blankets and pillows. Who wants to change underwear, he delves into the bags.

folding bed are close to each other.

Some tried to divide. Someone, on the contrary, skuchkovalis closer to the outlets. The fact that there is a problem with available power outlets, so the whole floor is littered with extension cords. TV and Wi-Fi not.

There are two shower rooms – male and female, each with four showers. Two toilets – male and female. As the Observatory live alone guys, we were allowed to use the female shower and toilet.

– how many beds designed room?

– Governor of the Sakhalin region said that it can host up to 1000 people. Information at a local resource Sakhalin-info.

“a Few people settled in the locker room”

– How is the food?

– we Have self-service. People lined up in big queue for food. The distance no compliance, no sense in such conditions. Soup all poured from a large pot. The second issue in aluminum containers, as in the plane. Crockery, after eating, throw it in the trash.

There are tables for eating, but not enough chairs. So people were separated the tables under tables. Most eating on the beds.

Their products can be ordered?

– Yes, the products ordered. The company, which has offices in Sakhalin, took care to ensure their employees. Brought tea, coffee, mugs, spoons, extension cords, Slippers, detergents. The mask and gloves we is not distributed.

Lockers are not here. People were gathered on a range of chairs, stools, someone that have time – this furniture is used under tables. Very useful large hangers from the dressing rooms. By the way, a few people settled in the locker room

the first night was cold. Now tolerable. A night in the room trying to keep normal temperature, but the legs still drawn.

What is the average age of people in the Observatory?

– were people from 45 to 60 years. I noticed very old men.

Who are you serving?

– we Serve the staff. Basically all they go without protection. But doctors come to us in special suits. They also told us, WHof the group who lived with us, long protested about the conditions of detention. But nothing is achieved.

“Going ordinary laborers who will hear us?”

You have requested to relocate you to another Observatory?

– Ask particularly not one. Some came to terms with the situation. Someone does not give up, call the region’s administration, trying to draw attention to the problem. Many say that if they knew that they would be locked up for 14 days on the football field, that would work.

How to respond to the complaint in the administration?

– We wrote about our situation in lichku in VK Governor of the Sakhalin region, sent photos. Us banned.

In the administration of the us together with Department on work with the population. The girl on the other end of the wire said, “What you do not understand, I said, there is a section on the website of the Governor, to write. Well, you all? I said anyone personally to connect you will not.” All conversations were conducted in this spirit.

we left a comment on the official page in Instagram, Dmitry Medvedev. I wrote to him at night when I couldn’t sleep from the cold. Dmitry Anatolyevich liked the review. We were delighted, thinking that now it will move from the dead point. Now understand, he probably accidentally hit ” like.”

have You gone to the CPS?

– First we went to the Ministry of health. They said that they are only liable for treatment and prevention, placement in observation has been CPS. Deputy service CPS said that they did not sign the paper at the Observatory. Added that she had not dare to call the complex the Observatory.

gathered Here are ordinary laborers who will hear us? Some talked to their leaders. They replied that they themselves do not understand why their employees sent in “Olympia”. It seems like all the good places were given for returning from Thailand. As far as I heard, some time ago, the story settled into a normal boarding houses, where they lived in rooms of four. Perhaps place finish.

“If you identify someone kovid, the period is reset, will remain here for another 14 days”

– the Majority has accepted that you have to sit here until the end of the term. Not fatal. People are more afraid of not living conditions, and the possibility to get infected. If in the early days, people still did not give up, wore masks, and now removed, realized that it was useless. If some of us will be sick, the ventilation system will spread the coronavirus in the whole room. With two sides parallel to each other, there are large “wind turbines”, they are the same heaters. All the air stuffed inside, chaotically circulates and goes through all sorts of cracks.

the results of the first strokes we don’t soobili. The Governor on his page in Instagram wrote that on may 2, the day of our arrival, I arrived on the island, revealed a coronavirus. He did not specify which flight the passenger.

I saw that a group of people from our plane, was taken to the hospital. Later, their colleagues at the Observatory have said that they have still not confirmed COVID-19. But in the group that was taken to the hospital, was not only shift workers but also local residents. About their results we do not know.

We are waiting for the results of the second test. Tomorrow prepare for a CT scan. Overt symptoms yet, no one there. However, a cough. Hope this slight cold. Temperatures all in norm.

When does your quarantine?

– may 16 we will go if re-tests, no one will reveal СOVID-19.

If reveal?

– If detected, then the patient will be taken, and the rest period is reset. Will stay here for another 14 days.