Medical masks have become an indicator of personality

He defended the police

In Vologda social activists of the popular front made of protective masks for the police. They already gave them to police.

came Up with this dressmaker Svetlana Krasovskaya. A few days later she sewed 150 masks of three types. Some are suitable to men, others to women. But there are universal. The product was very easy, they can be adjusted for each of the employee of traffic police with rubber bands.

“We see on the streets of employees of traffic police who serve without protection. And they are forced to stop the car with nonresident numbers, to communicate with drivers. So I decided to sew them masks,” – said the member of the regional headquarters of the popular front in the Vologda oblast Lyudmila Melnikova.

300 masks on each

the Young krasnodarka free distributed to people on the street the two parties reusable masks. 600 pieces. Now sew bandages for organizations who work during the quarantine coronavirus.

Photo: Eugene Vadim epanchitsev/RIA Novosti Voronezh Atelier began to sew masks

Anna Bogomolova in the profession of the technologist of food production. However, from his youth dreamed of becoming a makeup artist. Recently finished special courses and was about to open her own salon. Alas, all plans mixed epidemic COVID-19.

a Friend took off on her phone photos of the author’s masks, with an impressive price tag of 900 rubles apiece, saying that that’s what they now demand! In pharmacies-they disappeared. Then the girl had the idea to help people: sew a scarce commodity to distribute in the street. Her friend in the unusual event Marina Anisimova works as a fashion designer.

“In the clothing store salesman heard that I want to take just 45 meters of calico, said: “don’t tell me that mask!”, – remembers Anja. – Talked about his idea. And she even did notbig discount. And you know, after the first announcement about the campaign, I struck the calls. Even called from Brazil. Woman. Her elderly mother lives in Krasnodar, but inherited only the mask was very thick face. Found it and gave the new”.

Anna called from pharmacies, security agencies, recreation centers, hospitals and clinics. Then the girls decided to help organizations: sew the masks at cost, just to cover the cost of fabric and thread.

In recognition of the girls, with their actions they wanted to attract the attention of large companies, which in conditions of a pandemic could follow their example. Because without mutual support it’s hard to beat the coronavirus pandemic, they say.

a Flash-mob of solidarity

In Kostroma has started a charity flash mob: the inhabitants of the city free of charge sharing with neighbors homemade masks that are lacking in the pharmacies.

Photo: iStock Tatarstan began to produce protective masks from plywood

to Inspire the countrymen to good active Kostroma decided by their example: in the hallways of apartment buildings, they began to hang the packages placed in a home-made cotton masks.

“Dear neighbors! If you need to mask – don’t hesitate, take! Take care of yourself and your loved ones! All good health!”. These ads hung the protesters.

residents of the city enthusiastically welcomed the proposal: “well Done! Now more than ever people need to help each other,” they thanked the initiators of the action.

Put on the conveyor belt

Many of the Yaroslavl garment enterprises and workshops have started the production of hygiene masks.

One such company, for example, specializiruetsya in sewing children’s clothing. But now it produces a reusable mask. While the course is calico, but when it comes to the material from Novosibirsk, will sew of cotton. Both TKAneither allowed for the manufacture of masks.

Photo: Press-service of the Baltic Federal University of Kant Kaliningrad pensioners handing out free masks with silver ions

the Department of agriculture and consumer market of Yaroslavl region has told employees of the complex centre of social service of the population Golden autumn in the village of Krasnye Tkachi make gauze masks for doctors and nurses of the Yaroslavl hospital. Production of masks are engaged in sewing shops in the village of Lesnaya Polyana, the village Tolbuhina, the village Commune of Paris in Yaroslavl. Increased the pace a specialized enterprise for the production of medical masks in Gavrilov-Yam.

the list, said the officials, will be expanded. For fabrication of masks, for example, move consumer service.

“Entrepreneurs are realizing their social responsibility in the current situation, ready to spread the mask partially on a Pro Bono basis, says the Director of the Department of agriculture and market Evgeny Sorokin. – They will enter the retail network. Per week companies of the region produced more than 50 thousand masks.”

That good, because in Yaroslavl pharmacies they have long been in the total deficit.

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