fans of the rapper Timati drew attention to signs of crisis in his personal life.

the actor Recently gave birth to the heir of Anastasia Reshetova son retired to rest in-law in France, while the father spends time by himself. Difficult the couple decided to relax separated, assured fans.

Fly to France to grandpa’s son, Reshetov published a lot of photos on instagram and said that she’s fine and just “it was necessary”. Timothy, meanwhile, spends a vacation with his daughter from a previous girlfriend, Alena Shishkova.

Fans of Timothy in the comments write that with Shishkova Timati at the time, broke up at the “same pattern”: first I stopped taking it with you on trips, then completely gave my resignation. With Reshetovaa happened the same story, the wedding is off, say the commentators.

moreover, “the pictures of the artist accidentally noticed by a mysterious blonde,” point “”. What the girl saw members of the rapper is not yet clear.

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