Thursday is talk show time on ZDF with Maybrit Illner. The moderator welcomes, among others, the ex-SPD leader Andrea Nahles and the Green Party leader Ricarda Lang on the subject of “Employees urgently needed – who will secure the economy and prosperity?”. Read the show in minute minutes.

11:12 p.m .: So far, the round has not been about the immigration of foreign skilled workers, which fails due to German bureaucracy. Maybritt Illner promises that this will be made up for later. With that she ends the talk show – and we our live ticker. Thank you for reading and good night.

11:09 p.m .: Jörg Dittrich, however, criticizes that the taxation of work is so high. Carsten Linnemann agrees that the CDU is examining possible tax cuts in a basic program. Meanwhile, Ricarda Lang points out that this will have an impact on health insurance contributions.

11:07 p.m .: Turning to less – that’s not the right way, explains the head of the foundation, Niejahr. There must be an optimism in believing in the economy.

11:05 p.m .: Ricarda Lang believes that wealth should be distributed more fairly and that it should be maintained in view of the climate crisis. Hardly anyone today has the promise of prosperity. Lang asks rhetorically, who can afford a house on the outskirts so easily these days?

11:04 p.m .: “Maybe young people don’t want to work themselves to death like they saw their grandparents do,” Weber interjects. However, the ZDF presenter also throws in other ideas. Degrowth, no longer among the top economies in the world.

10:59 p.m .: The freedom to choose the job is a market privilege, Illner now asks Linnemann. The CDU politician warns that many people have a fully comprehensive mentality. The state cannot absorb everything, even if it is suggested by the corona pandemic and the energy crisis. In order to maintain prosperity, people in Germany would have to work.

10:58 p.m .: Shortly thereafter, Nahles speaks. The efficiency of the workforce must also be considered. According to the ex-SPD politician, companies must grant flexibility. Dittrich doesn’t think much of the four-day week. “It doesn’t work everywhere,” says the head of the trade association.

10:56 p.m .: Sara Weber blocks his thesis. Constant availability is also a problem for older people. And for her book, she also spoke to a baker who really gets down to business and still doesn’t feel like standing in the room at 1 a.m. every night.

10:55 p.m .: The President of the Craft Association says that the psychological stress caused by bad news, Whatsapp messages and social media is greater than previously assumed. He therefore prefers the craft, the actual tackling.

10:53 p.m .: The fact that all young people no longer want to work is of course fundamentally wrong, according to Lang. The compatibility of work and life is also important. “It’s not about people working less, it’s about distributing the work better,” says Lang.

10:52 p.m .: “We have to make sure that people work well so that they work long hours,” says Weber. There must be drastic changes through the search for meaning, reduction and technological solutions.

10:50 p.m .: For Sara Weber, the stress and strain is not an industry thing at all. Life is often too stressful at school, university or at work. “We rarely talk about mental health”, so systematic change is now needed.

10:47 p.m .: Now it’s about the younger generation and the changes. Futurologists want to have found out that numerous young people no longer want to work as much and as hard as their parents. Illner therefore wants to talk to Sara Weber – a young woman who has given up her job due to exhaustion. She wrote the book, “The World is Ending, and I Still Have to Work?”

10:46 p.m .: “When I hear that, I feel sorry for my daughter,” explains Niejahr. It is not fair to burden the younger people with all the costs. Linnemann steps in and says that he therefore also demands that older people work longer.

10:43 p.m .: Andrea Nahles doesn’t have it easy. The majority of the talk guests do not think too much of the pension at the time 63, which Nahles issued with her party.

10:41 p.m .: When Maybrit Illner asks what he exactly means by active pension, he jokes: “You can also call it ‘Illner pension’” Linnemann laughs. Illner giggles but declines.

10:39 p.m .: If Carsten Linnemann has his way, the pension at 63 was the “biggest socio-political mistake of GroKo”. Andrea Nahles counters immediately: “But they agreed to that at the time”. Although probably in pain, she admits. Linnemann explains that he is in favor of a new pension. “I demand an active pension,” said the CDU politician.

10:37 p.m .: Chancellor Olaf Scholz has recently thrown in the later retirement from 70. The Greens chairwoman Ricarda Lang gave the a refusal. “Some jobs can no longer be done at 73, so I’m thinking of craftsmen who already have physical problems.”

10:35 p.m .: A solution to fill the jobs? Later retirement age. But for that there must be a change in certain sectors after Niejahr. More time, more money, more appreciation.

10:32 p.m .: Nahles assures that the then GroKo had a number of problems that they had to overcome. The subject is quickly dropped.

10:30 p.m .: The entire group is now discussing how this could have happened. Ricarda Lang says that it had been foreseeable for a long time. However, she and her party would not have been responsible. Illner then addresses the word to the then co-governing SPD politician Nahles.

10:27 p.m .: When the ZDF presenter also addressed the Green Party chairwoman Ricarda Lang, a faux pas happened to her. She mistakenly calls her Rebekah, after which Lang corrects her.

10:26 p.m .: The president of the craftsmen’s association, Jörg Dittrich, knows best how long customers have to wait for specialists and how expensive it will be. In principle, he doesn’t think it’s a problem if customers have to wait a little longer for craftsmen.

10:24 p.m.: “There has been a structural change,” explains the foundation’s management of the labor market development. This is how she explains the fact that there are so many vacancies and still unemployed people.

10:22 p.m .: There are currently more than two million vacancies in Germany, according to the KfW figure. Elisabeth Niejahr, head of the Hertie Foundation, also believes that the situation is particularly serious. In addition to demographics, the pandemic has also had a striking impact on the labor market.

10:18 p.m .: The discussion round starts, the former SPD leader Andrea Nahles is a guest. She heads the Federal Employment Agency and explains: “There are numerous challenges.”

10:15 p.m .: Here we go! First, ZDF shows the acute situation in Germany. There is a shortage of skilled workers on every corner. Three factors are enumerated. 1) the aging society, 2) young people for whom free time is important, and 3) foreign workers who fail in the German bureaucracy.

10:10 p.m .: The ZDF talk show with Maybrit Illner will start in a few minutes. FOCUS online welcomes you to the live ticker.

From the computer scientist to the waiter, from the teacher to the newspaper delivery boy – they are all desperately wanted. In Germany there is more than just a shortage of skilled workers – the new “unemployment” threatens the economy and prosperity. One of the main reasons for this is that baby boomers are retiring – even at 63. Would they rather retire at 70 instead?

Thursday means talk show time at Maybrit Illner. The moderator welcomes, among others, the ex-SPD leader Andrea Nahles and the Green Party leader Ricarda Lang on the subject of “Employees urgently needed – who will secure the economy and prosperity?”.

The talk show host discussed the question of where the urgently needed workers will come from in the future with the Green Party chairwoman Ricarda Lang and the CDU economic politician Carsten Linnemann, among others.

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