The ups and downs of recent years have left their mark on the Kolenitchenko family of four “Goodbye Germany” emigrants. Moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, rebuilding her business from the rigors of the pandemic, and health setbacks have taken their toll. “We’ve been through so much. We did everything that is said about marriage: in good times and in bad, “summated Oksana Kolenitchenko (34) in the current episode of the VOX emigrant documentary. “It’s so important to say ‘thank you’ for the little moments. That’s the simple reason why Daniel and I want to get married again.” However, it was anything but easy, as “Goodbye Germany” showed…

The family had already been in Mykonos for a few days during the final preparations. Tempers ran high: “What I really don’t want to do is work half the day at the Next Door Lounge (West Hollywood restaurant) and the other half at the wedding. I have to rebuild the shop after a pandemic,” said Daniel Kolenitchenko in view of the upcoming wedding. “I told her several times, let’s do this in a year or two.”

However, as is so often the case, his ex-wife Oksana Kolenitchenko prevailed in order to fulfill her wish to renew her vows. The mood between her and Daniel was “explosive”, as the 34-year-old described it. “We’re not even talking to each other right now. But I’ve been living with this man for 15 years and I think that needs to be celebrated.” Where could that be better than on the “mystical and magical” island of Mykonos, the mother of two justified herself. Was her dream of a girl threatened to burst?

Daniel finally gave in. Celebrate, relax and enjoy for two days – at least that was the plan. Oksana organized most of it in advance from her new home in Las Vegas. At that time, the two had no idea what mishaps they would face on the dream island.

When a Greek shuttle service attempted to rip off Oksana, her blood boiled. The mood was tense. “They try to make a lot of money with us in the short term because they think we are ignorant. Of course, that puts a strain on us.” However, Daniel’s appearance as an experienced businessman was able to defuse the situation.

Despite the tense atmosphere, the power couple proved again and again that they are an unbeatable team and support each other. “My husband can drive me crazy, but I love him for the person he is,” Oksana said. The love between the two was almost palpable. Your backup in tricky situations: Oksana’s mother Svetlana. Grandma not only served as a spiritual supporter, but also looked after the children when mom and dad were busy.

When the guests slowly but surely trotted in on day one of the celebrations, Daniel also got his money’s worth: “I’m just happy that I’m forced to go to the beach club to spend time with my friends.” The get-together on the eve of the ceremony was a complete success. A very special moment: Oksana’s father was a guest.

For years, the two had no contact. The quarrels were put aside and he was to lead his daughter down the aisle for the first time. “I’m perfectly happy at the moment. The only thing that matters in life is family, time and health. I’m blessed with all these things, and wonderful friends at that,” said Oksana, touched, during the dinner. Her two-piece suit in white – the top studded with small feathers, the skirt elegantly flowing – rounded off the scenery on the beach.

However, outfit number two for the main event became a problem child. When the bride-to-be wanted to try out her dress again, it quickly became clear that it wasn’t made to measure at all. The next shock: “There’s something hanging out there, you can see the buttocks and that’s just wrong up here,” said the blonde in dismay. “We have to go to a tailor.” With Mama Svetlana in tow, the hectic search began in the winding streets of the nearby village. In a roundabout way, the two finally managed to convince the rescuer in need – an elderly Greek lady who works as a seamstress – to work a late shift. Finally, time was of the essence.

And then the mishap happened: the robe got caught between the engines of the Greek woman’s quad on the way to the handover point. A crying dressmaker, a granny Svetlana in disarray and a dismayed Oksana and a dress with holes later, the chaos was perfect. “The wedding that I’m planning here on Mykonos shouldn’t be so degenerate and complicated,” asserted the singer. However, after the initial shock of the broken dress, Oksana plucked up courage: “I can’t change the situation. I’m always solution oriented. Then I’ll put on a different dress. Health, love, friends and family are important. It’s just a piece of cloth.”

And with that attitude, the Kolenitchenkos finally managed to enjoy the day. Together with her two children Arielle and Milan, the second marriage vows at her father’s side became a very special moment for Oksana – even in the dream dress she had hoped for. It was patched and conjured up until just before: a race against time. But Oksana’s positive attitude – like the last four years of her emigration – got her through the rather turbulent second wedding celebrations.

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