All naudatatene reputation out after notification of a house fire in Olaf Advanced way at Breistein, just before the watch 04 the night of Tuesday.

When the fire department arrived the fire the powerful in a smaller, vertikaldelt tomannsbustad.

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NO INJURED: Several røykdykkarar took him into the house to get the meet if anyone was at home.

Photo: Bergen fire department Røykdykkarar in action

Police reported on Twitter that it was uncertain whether people were in the brannråka part of the house.

The fire well outside of the cladding, roof and terrace. Røykdykkarar was promptly submit to avkrefta that there were people at home. It was not, says vaktkommandør Ronald Drotningsvik at 110 centre in Hordaland.

About twenty minutes later notified the fire department that they had control. At 04.36 was the fire reported sløkt.

the Fire was limited to the one part of the tomannsbustaden. There was no danger that nuclear arms will spread, according to the 110 to the pbx.

– There is some scattered habitation here and easy distance to the next unit. So it looked out in the morgontimane there was no danger of that, ” says Drotningsvik.

HOUSING: fire in a vertikaldelt tomannsbustad in Olaf Advanced way. The police suspected quickly that the fire was started.

Photo: Bergen fire department Arrested a man in 30s

Operasjonsleiar Knut Dahl-Michelsen in the West police district says politipatruljane at the place early suspected that the fire was lit.

It was the way brannbilete was then patruljane and the fire department arrived. Opplysingar which is contains of polititenestemennene has led us up to the pågripinga of a man in the 30s. He is pågripen and it “vandalism,” says Dahl-Michelsen.

the Fire was, after all, and the judge started on the outside of the building. The man police believe started the fire, dwell thyself in the house. He will have to leave the area after having lit on.

– It is not the person that disposes of leilegheita that is pågripen, says Dahl-Michelsen.

the Man will later be avhøyrd.

the relevant part of The tomannsbustaden is considered totalskadd.

– Part of fire is not possible to dwell in. The tilstøytande the habitation is bebueleg, says utrykkingsleiar Helge Brurås at Åsane fire station.