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There is now introduced a scheme where dagpengemottakere who work in agriculture, only need to bring half of the hours on the meldekortet.

Thus is it more beneficial to combine unemployment benefits and seasonal work by agriculture, forestry and horticulture.

Olaug Bollestad (KrF).

Photo: Elias Håvarstein / NRK

– Thus it becomes more attractive for the laid off and unemployed to take up a job in agriculture. This is something the industry has been concerned, and it is important for me that those who want to contribute to ensure the food supply, to serve the economic on it, ” says minister of agriculture and mr. Olaug Bollestad (KrF).

– the agricultural sector is a criticism of society and industry, ” she adds.

Have a fear matkrise

There are many people in the Uk who in the course of the last few weeks have been laid off or unemployed. But a job in the agricultural sector has until now been little lucrative, because the unemployment benefit per hour from Nav have been higher than timelønnen in agriculture.

at the same time screaming the industry for labour. Many in agriculture have been nervous for the upcoming season. Norwegian farmers have a fear matkrise.

NEED seasonal workers: Many garden centre in Norway, which Wiig on Jæren, have a great need for seasonal workers coming spring and summer.

Photo: Tuva Skei Tønset / NRK

It needed around 30,000 workers in Norwegian agriculture this season. The authorities have oppfordra to the people, and prayed laid off, students and pensioners looking at the possibility of seasonal work on farms and horticulture.

two days ago elected government to ease border control such that the foreign seasonal workers easier be able to contribute in Norwegian agriculture. And seasonal workers will also receive access to apply to extend their residence permit.

With the temporary scheme that the government now presents it will be more convenient for the laid off to help. The number of hours that are recorded on the meldekortet, will be lower than the number of hours it worked and get paid for.

– In practice, this means a those who take up a job in agriculture to serve on it, says Bollestad.

Hope to draw more to the agricultural sector

Bondelaget originally had a proposal for the exemption card of 100,000.

Marit Epletveit in the Rogaland farmers ‘ union.

Photo: Hanne Highlands / NRK

– This is a good helping hand in the good direction, and is very positive for the agricultural industry. For many laid off can this be a good opportunity to get out and do something matnyttig, says the head of the Rogaland farmers ‘ union, Marit Epletveit.

She has faith that more laid off will sign up to the service.

– I think and hope that more will sign up.

Farmers join now from about their needs in the Nav system, but laid off and unemployed can also check with your local avløserlag.

– We hope to put in place a good consultation, so that those who wish to contribute can meet the farmers who need labor, ” says Epletveit.

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