NFL star Tom Brady will work as a TV expert at US broadcaster Fox after the end of his football career. Both sides agreed on this last year. Brady collects an unbelievable sum for his ten-year contract.

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What’s next for Tom Brady after his career ends? All football fans can sit back and relax. Brady will remain with football as a TV pundit for the next ten years. He signed a contract with US broadcaster Fox last year.

For this, Brady collects a total of $ 375 million – almost as much as he received in his 23-year NFL career as a footballer. So Brady gets $37.5 million per season. That makes a monthly TV salary of 3.125 million dollars. An unbelievable sum!

No former NFL star has ever received so much money from a TV station. But Brady has earned these millions, because with seven Super Bowl titles, the 45-year-old is the most successful footballer of all runners-up. No other player has won more NFL titles in his career.

For comparison: The US TV broadcaster CBS pays Tony Romo, ex-quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, $ 17 million per season. Troy Aikman, also a former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, has been paid a total of $90 million by ESPN for his five-year contract.

In comparison, Adam Schefter (ESPN), the most well-known NFL journalist in the USA, earns nine million dollars, according to a report. That sum is astronomical for a sportswriter, but tiny compared to Brady’s new salary.

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Brady has Schefter’s annual salary in less than three months. But against the background of the new TV package, Brady’s salary also pales in comparison. The NFL received a total of 110 billion dollars from four different television stations for the eleven-year TV broadcast.

Fox pays $660 million per season just for the 16 “Thursday Night Football” games alone. Brady’s total earnings from his active football career are estimated to be approximately $350 million. There are also various advertising contracts.

His current net worth is estimated at more than $200 million. Brady also owns several expensive properties, his own fashion brand (“BRADY”) and is a manufacturer of performance items such as supplements (“TB12”). Brady no longer has to worry about his finances.

This article was written by Dirk Adam

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The original for this article “Brady makes more money in the future than in his NFL career” comes from Sports Illustrated Germany.