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The last three weeks, Louise Juul Helliksen sat in the voluntary hjemmekarantene. She struggled to get air into the lungs. This was Covid-19?

She would be tested, but was rejected in health care. She did not fulfil the criteria. The rejection was the start of “World Citizen Report”.

We should have a larger overview of the citizens ‘ status and measures, beyond those that are actually being tested. So can we get a real overview of the situation, believe Helliksen.

Can detect the pattern for koronasmitte

She is the managing director in the ME Data AS. Together with colleagues she has developed the service which makes it possible for you to register and update their own korona status.

Either you have been proven the disease with the test, or have symptoms, such as fever and fatigue. You can register also tested and had. Something the Norwegian authorities do not have priority to register.

the Service helps to see patterns, ” says Helliksen, who was innovasjonsdirektør in Evry before she started the own company.

“World Citizen Report” is a register to help authorities in the fight against koronaviruset.

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the Goal is to combat koronaviruset by giving the authorities an insight into how the infection spread in a given area.

Let us say that a large percentage of a particular district in Trondheim, norway state that they have several symptoms of Covid-19. When can the authorities give priority to increasing the testing there.

Without the overview of the potential cases, have a not the ability to prioritize specific areas and persons for testing, ” says Helliksen.

Norwegian health authorities say that very many innovative souls take contact now. One of the advantages to the Helliksen and colleagues, is that they had already built the foundation before koronakrisen hit us.

RISKY: – I take the personal risk in the work, but is set to run further, so far as we can, ” says co-founder Louise Helliksen.

Photo: Stein Lorentzen / NRK Believes to have solved the challenge of privacy

WE data develop normally, a service for the secure exchange of personal data based on the international personvernforordningen, GDPR.

the Issues surrounding privacy in the koronakampen is under debate, now that the Norwegian institute of public health creates an app to monitor the infection.

World Citizen Report differ from it, because the platform shall identify the individual’s status and action. Not only the individual’s movements. And even if the privacy is secured, connect the information directly to you.

So is it a certain that one and the same person can only be registered once.

There are several ways to register on, which have varying degrees of confidence, ” explains security expert and member of the board in the ME Data, Per Thorsheim.

– When the data is delivered to the authorities, they’ll know the level to which the individual has applied to be verified, ” he says.

Helliksen is in dialogue with the Norwegian directorate of Health and Norwegian institute of public health of that service shall be taken into use.

Our impression is that the service seems professional and to a large extent thought out, ” says Gun Peggy Knudsen senior vice president of FHI.

Nevertheless, there is as of now uncertain whether they will enter into a collaboration – even if they are completely agreed that a summary of everyone’s korona-status is important in the fight against the virus.

– But we believe that it in reality is very difficult to get to. Then the entire population register and continuously update the information, also children. We believe this can be difficult in practice.

Helliksen will continue the dialogue. But in addition to help here at home, they will reach out to areas where the korona is really can be the worst possible nightmare.

Want to help before the disaster hit

One of the measures against koronaspredning is social isolation, which many see as slow and frustrating.

But for some, it is plent impossible to keep distance from the other.

Around 70,000 people living in al-Hol camp in Syria. Moria-the camp on Lesvos in Greece is dimensioned for 3,000 people. Now the lives of 20,000 people there. This is just two of the several crowded refugee camps.

Before we talked about if koronaviruset spreading di t. Now we are talking about when. In a refugee camp in Athens, there is proven infection already.

Norway’s Innsamlingsråd are interested in the World Citizen Report, tells the secretary-general Siri Nodland.

MORIA: the 20,000 people living in the Moria camp on Lesbos in Greece. There is almost no water or soap where, according to Siri Nodland.

Photo: ANGELOS TZORTZINIS Great personal risk

– A tool like this can identify the infection early, and thus ensure that we are able to see that we must take action, ” says Nodland.

In areas without toilets and water, is access on phone or PC no matter of course. Therefore, health care providers should be able to register for people.

NEED to GET the OVERVIEW: Siri Nodland believe that it is essential to get an early overview of possible infection in the refugee camps, and believes statusregistrering is a correct action.

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So far, the World Citizen Report only 1500 unique users. The majority is in Norway, but according to the entrepreneur are more and more users abroad.

They rely on many registers. In the days ahead they will work on targeted recruitment. They will spread the service faster than the virus.

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