Thinner, younger Lolita, who not long ago had his hair cut live its Instagram came for the music festival in Vitebsk, as most of the Russian delegation in the mask. The singer said that at the border of her car is not allowed. Had of Belarus to drive another car to meet her and change. In the end, albeit with a little difficulty, but she still appeared at the festival. The rooms further from the restaurant hasn’t gone anywhere. Just arrived for sound check and concert, and also talked to Russian media.

the Singer has told, that it does not boring self-isolation, and she even goes to a reclusive way of life: parties, parties and other noisy events fade into the background.

– All the time. I reacted calmly to the fact that so much time not worked. Although in my life never happened. For 35 years, I’ve earned the right to sleep at home and to see your toilet. I almost did not go anywhere during the isolation. Slept in, rested. Once a week went to the market. To choose is such a thrill. To see, touch fruits and vegetables. In the store to buy cigarettes and milk. And prepared everything myself at home. But if I go out, I used to be tested for COVID–19. First take a swab from the nose, then throat, then said that we need some kind of stick deep in the throat stuff. I always have the bag mask and gloves. I used to have – is the norm. My washing without gloves, and nasuella – gloves! Products like bring it home, wiped it down.

it Turned out that the friends Lolita from Ukraine arrived in Vitebsk, to communicate and to convey the singer’s gifts to her mother.

– I can’t get to Ukraine. You have to do it in such a strange way. Friends came here and I’m finally going to be able to pass on gifts for mom. The money I have been able to pass, and now household gifts: a new bag and other things ,– shared the singer.

Lo said that she has long been a new state and a new life. And if she didn’t divorce, she would not have remembered.

I forgot about it. It was a year ago. And the new life I have. A new – what? So I’ll ask you. It to wash socks for someone? No, I’m not enchanted by it under the gifts under novels, but not for family life.