the Polish company “Mlekovita” allegedly accused the head of the Federal service for veterinary and phytosanitary surveillance Sergey Dankvert in the extortion of $500 thousand Bribe, according to telegram channels, “was intended for the permission of the Rosselkhoznadzor for import to Russia of milk, cream and cheese products.” The Agency denied the charges and announced the filing of a lawsuit for causing reputational harm and the dissemination of false information. About how to benefit from the scandal, said the Deputy head of Committee on agrarian market of the Federation Council Sergei Lisowski.

Information about the charges “Mlekovita” appeared in the Telegram-channels. However, this turned out to be fake. The Polish company said that no extortion was not, and the user “Mlekovita” and never met with Dankvert and his subordinates.

the Rosselkhoznadzor also stated that the information is untrue. The Department reported that previously the Prosecutor’s office received a complaint from a private person, a Sergeeva Y. V., with similar complaints to the head of the Federal service. The Rosselkhoznadzor has already given explanations on the complaint. However, after it appeared in media reports, the Department has decided to file a claim for inflicting reputational damage and the dissemination of false information in relation referred to in the complaint persons. the interests of the Dankvert will protect the lawyer Anatoly Kucherena.

the incident reacted in the Kremlin. About the accusations against Dankvert there learned from the media. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that “to imagine is difficult.”

We discussed the situation with Senator Sergei Lisovsky, who for many years worked with Sergey Dankvert and as a farmer, and the relevant Committee of the Federation Council.

– what do you think is behind the loud accusations against the longtime head of the Rosselkhoznadzor?

– Sergey Dankvert is one of the most ardent fighters for the interests of our country in the food market. Of course, many do not like it. Including Poland.

After the introduction of sanctions and embargoes through Belarus to Russia was carrying Polish apples, mushrooms, strawberries, dairy products. Dankvert prevented the smugglers to do it. Now they’re trying to tarnish.

the Russian agricultural community is grateful to him. Before the sanctions, Rosselkhoznadzor stood guard over the interests of Russian producers and consumers, as opposed to the supply of defective products from the West. When was bird flu, mad cow the service Dankvert defended Russia from the import of such dangerous products. The Rosselkhoznadzor the first to know that Western countries are hiding the facts of the disease.

Service has been monitoring not only the Central but also the local media of countries where mentioned about outbreaks. The Western college even surprised how we so quickly learn about the disease. Now Europe recognizes our phytosanitary service is the best in the world. A few years ago the Rosselkhoznadzor has started to use electronic certification. She allowed to reveal the gray schemes of delivery of raw milk. After that, the Minister still more stood like a bone in the throat of unscrupulous manufacturers.

And they went to the provocation?

– Yes. Europeans always shout about democracy and the rule of law, but go to such accusations and provocations. And man is helpless in front of them, especially the Russians. But, thank God, in Russia, everyone understands the meaning and purpose of these charges.

Shouting the Europeans and that they have all the quality and can not be otherwise. When the Rosselkhoznadzor in the early 2000-ies demanded from suppliers certificates of quality, the Europeans are very indignant. Dankvert explained to them and proved why we can’t trust them on the word. Remember, there were negotiations on the system of access to their products in our market. The Europeans were convinced that their quality certificates is a model of integrity. After listening to their pretentious speech, Dankvert took out several blank forms with signatures and seals of the European certificate. To enter there was anything. By the way, these certificates got from Polish suppliers.

just Poland and mainly engaged in the smuggling and counterfeiting of certificates for products for Russia. Now in Poland is hysterical. When we introduced counter-sanctions, the EU has compensated the poles for their losses from the closure of the Russian market. Apples had nowhere to go, they would be thrown out. Then the EU stopped to compensate. Their agriculture was aimed at Russia. Of course, for them Sergey A. Dankvert – the main enemy.