We look at the programs ‘ high ratings that there is a need among people for entertainment and to laugh a little, too, in the demanding situation we are in now. And maybe also see with a satirical look at the news, ” says acting editor of the underholdningsavdelingen Christina Rezk Resar.

She believes that the feedback and ratings shows how important it is to have venues where we can meet as not clean nyhetsflater.

Markus keeps balkongkonsert – NRK

Seertopp after koronapandemien

“Gullrekka” on NRK has always been a flagship of the NRK in the weekend. Because of koronaepidemien need programs now be recorded without audience.

It has not dampened the enthusiasm in the TV living rooms in the thousands of homes.

According to figures from the Radio analyseavdeling have in fact already good ratings before the pandemic, it has become even better after the corona came to us.

Before the pandemic has this year’s editions of the “Lindmo” and “New again” had respectively 669.000 and 924.000 viewers on average per transmission. After koronautbruddet have “Lindmo” had an average 771.000 viewers, while “New again” has had 1.041.000 viewers.

– This is the productions that can be implemented with the restrictions that apply, so we help where we can. We are incredibly proud that both the Lindmo, Kåss until the evening and Again has again managed to deliver such good programs under these conditions, ” says Resar.

“See the Fire Bright” – NRK

TV2 does not change how

Kanaldirektør Trygve Rønningen in TV 2 says to NRK that they do not have plans like grip for their programs.

We have currently no plans to extend the season on some of our programs, but making the current evaluations in the light of the situation forward, enter Rønningen in an e-mail.