Large-scale operation by the Cologne fire department on Saturday night. Several people were injured at an illegal party in the Humboldt/Gremberg district. At least 18 people suffered injuries.

The police were alerted by the fire department at 1:47 a.m. and called to Fort IXb at Roddergasse 2 in Gremberger Wäldchen, as the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” reports. A rave party was taking place in the catacombs there. Apparently several people suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning.

A party guest alerted the rescue workers because her friend had suddenly collapsed, the fire department said. As soon as they entered the location, the carbon monoxide warning device carried by the rescuers triggered an alarm and showed a massively increased carbon monoxide level in the surrounding air. There was a danger to the lives of everyone present.

The up to 100 people had to leave the premises immediately. Several of the celebrants who were still on site when the emergency services arrived and were medically examined complained of symptoms such as headaches, malaise and dizziness. 18 people were then taken to hospitals for treatment due to relevant carbon monoxide poisoning. One of those affected had to be transported to special treatment in a pressure chamber.

According to police, the source of the carbon monoxide was probably an electricity generator. In conjunction with a lack of ventilation, this led to a lack of oxygen supply in the rooms, according to initial findings.

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