Life after coronavirus: winners and losers from the pandemic

From the coronavirus has lost everything. Increased mortality, we live in kolostralnogo condition and, unfortunately, the increased physical separation. The economy is idle, less produced goods and services. This means that we should expect a jump in prices, rising poverty, the new crime. Around losses.

Well, who’s the winner, even if it is relative? Today, it is, first and foremost, the manufacturers of medical masks, gloves and disinfectants. Prices for their products has hit records. In the same list, but in its strategic part, pharmacy, first and foremost manufacturers of medicinal antiviral drugs.

While all the above is not deeper revelations of “captain Obvious”. Take the next step. And we will discover winners, losers under campfireusa.

a Very curious claim of Association of the enterprises computer and information technology (APKIT) to enable IT in the list of highly affected sectors of the coronavirus, which first needs to be rendered state assistance. Main argument: IT industry “one of the first” suffering due to the decline in the purchasing power of customers and their spending on non-core activities. The decline leads to the departure of highly skilled programmers from Russia.

About the same problems, however, the whole economy. The pursuit of benefits is clear (although not always commendable), in fact, IT industry is one of the main, if not the biggest winner “competition” imposed on the economy by the coronavirus.

Try to imagine how we would have survived the pandemic in the pre-Internet times. Udalenka neither you, nor social networks, nor any movie on the couch — the darkness. It is at the individual level and at the level of society as a whole? Quarantine in the absence of udalenka hardly would include forced abandonment of the work, so would be full of holes. In General, our losses, including the most irreplaceable, would have been much higher. What’s happening now? The economy got a hard pulse: all — in оnline. It pros on a horse.

Changes the idea of the office. This is not just another edition of the “Hercules” of the “Golden calf”: today’s office with its numerous backup services, secretaries, bureaucratic moves and passions goes beyond the horizon. This is a significant saving not only on costs but also on the costs of physical and nervous effort is not always directly related to the end result and its quality.

But the work itself is online, of course, presents new challenges to the it people. Requires a lot of new solutions related to extensive cooperation at execution of those or other works and control the quality of implementation of various projects at different stages.

Will, of course, new risks. The reduction in office staff, traditional sellers, Bank branches with their staff will increase unemployment. Drop just overblown Russian state of any kind of guards. Potential new unemployed will need to proverageneric. This could be another challenge for programmers. In General, the coronavirus will definitely speed up the fourth industrial revolution, also known as the second digit.

it should be emphasized the importance of the transition to the online education system. Already today it is possible to study on the courses of Harvard, Yale or MSU. In the best universities of the world (including Russian) in the curriculum are already hundreds of online courses, mostly “foreign” professors. Schools are developing digital platforms, offering many options of lessons and independent work. Further, these forms of learning will flourish. The main thing — not to interfere with this under these or other geopolitical slogans, but rather to develop it. The only way we can increase our scientific gap with the developed countries.

Tomorrow education — that every student will be able to choose online courses from a set of possible and to find a school that recognizes them and issues a diploma of bachelor or master. This eif I may say so, a step to personalized higher education.

Describes the change is tomorrow, the contours of which are clearly visible today. And the day after? While the answers are vague. One thing is clear: the pulse of a pandemic coronavirus described effects are not exhausted. So what is the main vector?

it Is necessary to turn to historical experience. How to change the life of humanity, past large-scale epidemic? Perhaps the most vivid lesson gives a monstrous epidemic disaster the middle of the XIV century — the black death, or plague.

In parentheses note: she came to Europe as a coronavirus, from China, vector control was made by the Mongol invaders, ozadivka in 1346 Kafa (modern Feodosia) and, according to legend, to use powerful biological weapons: using a catapult, they threw in a besieged fortress the remains of their soldiers died of plague. From Caffa the plague moved to Genoa and started!

So what changed plague, gathering his terrible harvest? Changes in society, was much bigger highly controversial and, in any case, the humble lessons learned then medicine. Although a single “Hello” reached us from those times are: masks, known today as the Venetian, with a long, curved down nose. They are one of the rational medical responses to the epidemic: the long and crooked nose, was required in order to provide a mask of incense.

as for lessons learned by society, then, firstly, the epidemic contributed to the liberation of the peasants in Europe from analogue to Russian serfdom. Second, rapidly began to develop the craft, an increasingly large number of women’s handicraft shop. Third, a much higher valued work. Significantly faster began to grow and strengthen the third estate.

the Cause of all these changes one: the plague decimated, according to various estimates, from 30 to 50% of the population of most European countries. People had to pay very dearly for failing to understand the value of humanhell of life. As it may seem paradoxical, the main lesson of the plague — the awareness of humanity. He is the basis for a future Renaissance that has made the common man and not only biblical scenes, saints, or kings, an object of intense interest of art. The same Foundation and of the reformation. The humanistic premise that man needs no intermediaries in his address to the God who speaks to him from the pages of the sacred books. That is why the most important act of the reformation — the translation of Martin Luther’s Bible in German, understood his countrymen language.

the Value of human life is paramount — this is the main lesson of all the tragic scale of the upheaval, whether it be plague, coronavirus or war. It should not overshadow nor the hardships of the struggle with the virus, nor the concomitant economic crisis. For humanistic development vector we have paid dearly and continue to pay.