Corona virus in The national basketball association (NBA season, has been indefinitely postponed, and LeBron James, the star of the LA Lakers, made it in yesterday, the Road Trippin’ Podcast is clear that it is very sad to find. “We now have so much peace that I have in my body, was heard to say: ‘Hey, man, what the hell is going on here?’”

as of march 11, there will be in the LEAGUE, no games are more covered by the corona virus. Once the league is started, it is unclear as to the questions, and a lot of frustration among the players, and even by LeBron James.In an interview in the Road Trippin’ Podcast, telling the King James , which is one of the body to adapt to in the middle of the season to suddenly need to take a rest. “My body is saying to me, ‘Hey, man, what the hell is going on here? It is the 13th of march, you’ll be ready for the play-offs, and all of a sudden it happens and there’s nothing more.’”

LeBron also find it frustrating to have no physical contact to be able to have it with someone else. The triple NBA champion, has also been a promise that “No one will get me a high-five, as this is where the end is.” However, he added that the people will have to wait until after the handshakes with his team-mates will be. The team was all of about two weeks in quarantine, since there are two Suns, whose names are not yet known to be positive, and have been tested for the virus. According to LeBron, were all teammates with the pair in contact with and are restricted to the bands on the roster.