Learning at home: 10 important tips to the teacher

In her words, as the Network runs a lot of stories about how children are put in front of web-camera recording with his attentive face. And themselves during the online lesson quietly playing on tablets. Or chat each other trolls, and no teacher it is not a decree.

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Here are some simple lifehacks that will help teachers to go to distant and hold the child’s attention. First decide: what do you want? Often conduct classes online (to Zoom or Google Meet) or to communicate with students through educational videos, smart apps, tests? (Observing that mechanically move the offline schedule in distant will not work.) Adhere to the principle of a reasonable minimum (one platform works – and thank God) or develop new opportunities?

– Before going on the air, create a positive attitude. Write a vivid marker pen on ordinary paper sheet main message of his work. Hang it in a prominent place. Smile and say the magic starting word (to each is their own: “let’s Go!” “Go!”, “Will semogo”, etc.).

– Work on the way! Teacher distante – not a woman with a colorless face, and shaggy in coat. The online environment makes possible: upload different backgrounds, add accessories, use fun avatars, create heroes and helpers. To attract the attention of younger students will help bright toy in the hands of the teacher (which is debatable). Or energetic “GIF” (moving picture) on the screen, instantly gathering attention.

Start the lesson with the installation of the contact. Swipe a simple roll call in the chat, ask an interesting question. Well, if you start with the students own rituals of greeting. And come up with memes, stickers for exchangeastronemy.

– Discuss with students the code of conduct for distance learning. For example, when to enable and disable the microphones, which means “raise your hand” what you can and can not write in the General chat. Plus – what is the deadline for a gradebook item, you can choose different volume and complexity. The code will lay out for public discussion, and then swipe an open vote. Suggestions welcome!

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– Need regular feedback. As for the whole class, and individual chats, discussion assignments. Remind the children that they class, set common goals, organize work in groups. Praise and comments on distance – a separate song. Remember: the teacher assesses only specific actions. The way the job is performed a test, created a creative product. Based on the facts.

– Take short breaks “cookies”: still children dragged to the monitor snacks. Better not to let the process take its course, and to allocate 3-5 minutes to eat. By the way, in this time, you can continue to communicate in the genre of free discussion. You need to find the time to pause dynamic – warm-up or dance around the screen. Let the students themselves pick up the music, will be a set of useful exercises or prepare a short “news release”. You can make weekly classroom clean up duty: duty conduct roll call, choose the theme of the day, are responsible for the good news and the physical flexing.

– the Students can pass some over management of the digital environment. Assign of the administrator, the assistants: let them do the mailing, record, create clips, explain to everyone how shutplyat to job a video or paste the background into the Zoom. Let the students feel their digital superiority!. As a bonus – your credibility will only grow. And some “tough nut” will be revealed in a new way, will be your helpers.

– be Sure to engage really interesting resources. Look for examples of English conversations in the TV series Netflix, write game scenarios, finish a quest, post memes on instagram… you Can start small: organize a flashmob with the hashtag #’ll collectionfirst. Start in the class online over publications “7 “B” on distance”, organize the contest viral commercials in different languages and execute them in the Network.

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– Play with interesting initiatives, termolite the whole family! For example, collect wishing for an evening meeting in Zoom, arrange a family contest recitations, invite the parents to the lecture hall with the participation of the psychologist. Send out useful tips, wise quotes, lists of books for family reading.

– Any meeting or activity, complete with a discussion of its value for students. Start with yourself: “Today I first had a lesson in Zoom. In General, managed. And it’s a whole new experience. Thank you all!” Gratitude is an important final note. Make it a tradition to write in common chat words of gratitude to each other, parents, even the coronavirus, because he made us all to move forward.