Ukrainian politicians are practicing verbal balancing acts, their statements on historical topics, like the statement of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky about the “dirtiest Russian gas in the world”, are not made from a great mind, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

” Now our Ukrainian colleagues are practicing some kind of verbal balancing act: they believe that Russia is their original name. <…>. Then they say that the baptism of Russia is just a Ukrainian holiday, and so on. It is sad. President Zelensky himself makes some statements that our gas is the dirtiest in the world. In general, it’s not from a big mind, to be honest. This is a desire to artificially preserve and increase anti-Russian Russophobic rhetoric and activities in order to keep the West in a position of support for the Ukrainian authorities, “RIA Novosti reports the minister’s words.

According to Lavrov, Kiev is guided by the desire to artificially preserve and increase Russophobic rhetoric and activities “in order to keep the West in positions of support for the Ukrainian authorities.”

“This government is trying to play on the obvious desire of the West to use various methods, various actions in every possible way, in order to try to bring the Russian Federation out of balance, to destabilize, to distract attention from solving the main problems that we face, and, probably, to make our foreign policy less active.The Ukrainian regime is speculating on this, it is obvious to everyone. Having once placed a bet on it, now the West is somehow not very comfortable to immediately abandon this bet. It has clearly lost, the realization of this is coming, but it has not yet been expressed in practical steps, ” the minister said.

Lavrov also said that Kiev, instead of implementing the Minsk agreements, is engaged in ” verbal balancing acts.”..There is no alternative to the Minsk agreements for resolving the crisis in the Donbas, it is proclaimed by everyone without exception, ” Lavrov said.

“The Minsk agreements do not provide for any coercion, they were voluntarily agreed, voluntarily signed,” Lavrov answered the question of MGIMO students whether the option of forcing Ukraine to peace from Russia is possible within the framework of the Minsk agreements. He added that the agreements were unanimously approved by the UN Security Council, “thereby becoming part of international law.”

Recall that on Tuesday, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky at a meeting with US Energy Secretary Jennifer Grenholm called Russian gas “the dirtiest in the world” allegedly due to methane emissions during production and transportation.