Actor Lars Bom love naturprogrammer as “John in the wilderness” and books about magical realism.

Lars Bom is a large true lover of nature and is especially fascinated by the wilderness, and so he likes to have a whole stack of books lying on his bedside table, so he can read three-four pieces at the same time.

Here is telling the 58-year-old actor, who right now are current in the series “Sommerdahl” on TV2 Charlie, on his kulturforbrug:

Which film saw you last?

– I am a major user of, where I’ve seen an excellent film called “A Late Quartet” with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Christopher Walken. It’s about being a musician and about the artist’s dna, and so it is about how friendships evolve through the years. They play divinely well, and it is fantastically well written and produced.

I generally like the movies, that amazes. For example, “Parasite” and “Joker”. You think that “the Joker” just another american film, but it is deeply political and critical towards the american society. I love when a film gives me something, I had not expected, both visually and in the story. If the plot is too predictable, I do not bother to see it.

What series are streamer you?

– I stream a lot, for I have no real tv subscription. For example, I see “Easy” on Netflix. It is hilarious, and the actors play insanely well. The title “Easy” refers to the fact that things far from easy in the characters life. It is small, the edifying stories, which I think is enormously well written.

What programs can get you to turn on the tv?

– I have followed much in the DR program, “John in the wilderness” which is about the Norwegian Jens Kvernmo, who is alone in the wilderness.

– It is a very simple story about a man with a dog sled, which should plow through Norway from north to south and clear itself. Along the way, he has challenges and reflections about himself and his life. It swallows I am. It is a very intelligent realityserie, which gives the existential thoughts and reflections.

– I’m very fascinated by the wilderness and the wilderness, and is generally a true lover of nature. We have a house that is located next to the Isefjord between Holbæk and Roskilde. Coming seals the past, and there are eider ducks, herons and cormorants and lots of fish in the sea. I love that.

Which podcasts do you listen to?

– I listen very much to Svend Brinkmanns podcasts, for example, “Brinkmanns bauble” on P1, which is an enormously interesting program.

– in Addition, I have listened to the Third Ears “the Woman with the heavy suitcase”, which is about a Norwegian woman, travelling around and swindler and cheat a lot of people. I think it also was good.

What book is on your nightstand?

– There are many books on my nightstand, especially art books, biographies and prosadigte. I read never a book done before I start on a new one. I like to have time in the three-four books at the same time. Right now I am studying for example the Jonas Eikas “After the sun” and Haruki Murakamis “IQ 84”. I really like magical realism. I think it is enormously well, when an author has the ability to transcend the reality of limits.

What magazines and journals do you buy?

– I never buy magazines for myself, but I have just bought four crossword-leaves to my daughter, who has been visiting here during the coronakrisen. She goes on Journalisthøjskolen in Aarhus and have free from teaching, so we have put the puzzle and the solved crossword.

Where are you going to be cultural?

– I go very much in the theatre, for example, at the Theater Gro, Theatre V or Mungo Park in Allerød. I also like to go to the concert at small venues, and if I go to the movies, I go often in the smaller cinemas like the Empire Bio in Nørrebro. The major cinemas are quickly becoming a underholdningsfabrik with a little too much cola and popcorn, I think. On the whole, I like to get in the small places.

– in Addition, I often to Berlin, where I am exploring the exhibits and watching a theatrical performance with the Berliner Ensemble.