TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva published in the social network video recorded in 1995 when she led teledigital. The celebrity said that and now ready to dance at any disco, only prevent laziness, back pain and migraine.

In the video, the journalist asked whether it was hard for her to give up the day when all having fun and dancing, and she had to event. Kudryavtseva said that gets pleasure from what is happening, and it can dance at any disco.

Members decided that the youth strategy was similar to singer Olga Buzova, really too thin. Users have noticed that now, the celebrity looks much better than in 1995.


1995 . I generally can go to any disco there dance 😊 Nothing has changed 25 years later , only laziness, Back pain and migraines 😂

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The difference between a young presenter and one that is now, indeed, there is. Struck by the size of the lips — Kudryavtseva is clearly resorted to the use of fillers to highlight this part of your face. With age, it ceased to be so skinny that can also be attributed to the changes, specify “Nevskie Novosti”.

And about the similarities with Olga Buzova, it is possible that the presenter was not flattered by such a comparison, as it was many years event on the award ceremony MUZ-TV, until it was replaced Buzova. After that the presenter insulted and posted a video which stated that it did not deserve that, after all, about the replacement she found out almost the last, although was in good relations with the channel.

Previously, Lera Kudryavtseva laid out in Instagram photo, which sit together with her husband, hockey player Igor Makarov, a son from his first marriage to Jean, uncle and nephew. Kudryavtseva gave birth to a son Jeanne in 1990 from the drummer of group “Tender may” Sergey Lenuka. In interviews she admitted that named the child in honor of Jean-Claude van Damme. In her youth, she was a big fan of this actor’s talent. Igor Makarov, the presenter, were married in 2013, wrote