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– This was born today. He has got red mark in the head, so he should be euthanized later, ” says geitebonden Raymond Mathisen.

As other geitebønder he earns the most money on milk. To breed up all the geitekillingene that is born, is small profitable. Therefore, around 30,000 newborn bukkekillinger killed and discarded each year, because they cannot produce milk.

Raymond Mathiesen think it is wrong.

– The finest time is now when we begin to get the life in the farm. New kid is born. But at the same time we have the back that we have to euthanize a good portion of them. The job gets heavier and heavier every year, ” he says.

As chairman of the board in Arctic kid, he is trying, together with other farmers from the counties of Nordland and Troms, to sell more meat from the goat.

Now, it may look like that koronaviruset can help both geitebøndene, and other Norwegian farmers. The development suggests that the pandemic provides norskprodusert food a rise.

Red mark in his forehead means that geitekillingen to be euthanized.

Photo: Dan Henrik Klausen / NRK Safer food

– Only the last years we see an increased interest for Norwegian food culture. The I think the increase in the light of korona-onset, ” says Annechen Bahr Bugge.

She is a researcher at the Norwegian eating habits by OsloMet – storbyuniversitetet.

We are already seeing changes. We have been more anxious, more concerned about the Norwegian, the close and authentic, ” she says.

– Consumers prefer Norwegian agricultural products. The impression is that Norwegian products are safer than much of what we import, and the impression I think is being reinforced now.

Bahr Bugge tells among other things about the growing interest for foods such as root vegetables, sauekjøtt and kjekjøtt.

Slaughtered less pigs, sheep and cattle in the last year:– A trend we’ve only seen the beginning of the

Annechen Bahr Bugge researcher at the Norwegian eating habits, and says that koronakrisen can increase the interest for local food.

Photo: Oslomet – storbyuniversitetet

It can verify that the interest for local food has increased in the last few years.

On the 10 year has Menu femdoblet the sale of local food. In 2019 passed the sale of local food to a billion in revenue.

At matprodusenten Mydland in Tromsø, they have experienced increased demand from her groceries for korona crisis.

– We notice that people want to buy locally, ” says general manager Kurt Mydland.

Oslomet-the scientist Bahr Bugge think we are going to see kjekjøtt on more Norwegian dining table forward.

She has a clear call to Norwegian food producers:

Strike while the iron is hot!

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