Konstantin Bronzit:

do You have your list of “best cartoons of all times and peoples”?

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Konstantin Bronzit: of Course: the films of Fyodor Khitruk, Yuri Norstein, Eduard Nazarov. From “not ours” is the Englishman Michael Dudek De wit with the film “Father and daughter”. Movies British Mark Baker and Barry Peruse. Working on “Pixure” Pete Docter. I think my colleagues list would be about the same.

Two of your most recent film with similar names: “We can’t live without cosmos” and “He can’t live without cosmos”. They somehow interconnected?

Konstantin Bronzit: on the one hand, it’s a diptych, which has its own core ideology – the relationship of man with man in the foreground and the connection of man with the universe in a second. I all the time stress that the second film (“He…”) is not a continuation of the first (which “We…”). It’s two different stories, each could exist on its own; you can watch them in any order that I like. In the animation, as far as I know, these precedents did not create, but in a big cinema there are examples. Krzysztof Kieslowski directed the film, which was called “Three colors: blue”, “White”, “Red…”. It’s a great film, and if you have not seen advise to look, especially now that we have the time.

In feature films the entire process is divided among many professions. In the animated – everything is tied to one person: you are the Director and screenwriter, artist and actor. How do you manage to combine these roles and which of these “areas of responsibility” like or dislike you more?

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Konstantin Bronzit: Job in animation is no different from working in feature films. Except that the profession of artist-the animator does not exist there. And the role of actors in the animation doing cartoon characters, which draws and animates animator – he is the actor in animated films. All other professions – writer, Director, etc. in animated films has not been canceled. And creative people often combine many professions. One of the first it was done by Chaplin himself wrote the script, directed and played in front of the camera. So it’s not a privilege or a whim of the animators. I sometimes have to do things myself, but just more confident I feel in the place of the Director.

You called the Internet “a dump, which forever spoils the fate of the film.” Why?

Konstantin Bronzit: This is not literally so. If the film is fresh, then he needs to go through the festival cycle, which lasts approximately two years. This is important for the film and its creators. This develops a reputation, that is “portrait” of the Director on the world stage. This portrait can affect his creative life. For example, if in 1995 I received the Grand Prix at the festival in Annecy, the Studio “Folimage” wouldn’t know about my existence, and I would not have received her invitation to make a new film, which is in Russia then the money no one had. Thus was born my film “On the edge of the Earth.” And the fact that many festivals don’t take the film in the competition if he has already hit the Internet. But if two years of festival life, then for God’s sake, the film can be spread in the network for free, that a Directors doing it, including me. Just no need to hurry.

Why are so popular in Japanese anime? How do You feel?

Konstantin Bronzit: the Japanese, its like nothing on the aesthetics and philosophy of film. For us and for the world, they are mysterious and therefore attractive. Their imagination knows no bounds. They come up with worlds that extend far beyond our skates-Gorbunkov and attendants-Ezek. If I’m going to be a Miyazaki movie and a new Russian film about Koshchey Immortal, I definitely would choose Miyazaki. Because I definitely find myself some new knowledge. And the Bones I all have long known.

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Two Oscar nominations, numerous victories at the festivals, you are called a “genius of Russian animation”? Do you feel like a star?

Konstantin Bronzit: the Word “genius” jammed to holes. Today it is used at the level of a friendly conversation: “Man, you’re a genius!” Of course, Directors are moments when I feel the first guy in the village. But the real geniuses, I have listed above.

As you can see your future path?

Konstantin Bronzit: a Bit annoying that the profession eats up my life. The feeling that I am doing it not by choice, but because I have someone appointed. But I honestly fulfilled their duty, and claim me to be. So now the stage I have the right to try to get away from the movie further. And then, in the future, happy and free to run. And not look back. Just like Picasso’s women running on the beach.